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Re: On Robert Anton Wilson and Misunderstanding Finnegans Wake

Don Stockbauer Mar 8, 2012 8:13 PM
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On Feb 28, 2:55 pm, Psmith <> wrote:
> I started reading Bob Wilson in 1982, which led me to check Finnegans
> Wake out of the library in 1983.  I had little success with the book,
> but after reading more of Bob’s writing I decided to buy a copy of
> Finnegans Wake on February 2, 1984, Joyce’s birthday.  I still
> couldn’t make much sense out of the book.  In 1985 I read Prometheus
> Rising in which Bob mentioned a Finnegans Wake study group.  Aha, I
> thought, I could do that, patterning it on Bible study groups I’d
> attended – a group of people studying a book few if any of whom had
> read all the way through and likely none of them really understood.  I
> invited everyone I knew to come over one Thursday, and only one other
> person showed up, but we kept Finning on Thursdays for the next twelve
> years at least semi-regularly, joined by various other pilgrims, until
> I moved from Arizona back to California.
>         In 1988 a group of us brought Bob Wilson to Arizona to give a talk
> and a workshop.  I wanted to make Thursday a Finn day, so we took him
> to see the new film of The Dead, which he loved because it reminded
> him so much of Dublin.  We went to a vegetarian restaurant that night
> which one of our group recommended, but afterwards Bob asked me to
> take him back to the hamburger joint we had enjoyed the day before.
> That night Bob came over to my house and we had a raucous Finn session
> enhanced by Guinness Stout.
>         My Finn group meets on Wednesdays now, so it fell on the anniversary
> of Bob’s death last week and it fell on his birthday this week.  We’ve
> almost reached the song at the end of chapter two, which makes me
> think of the performance of that song at Bob’s Memorial BB-Q five
> years ago.  I still have trouble understanding Finnegans Wake, but it
> always makes me think of Bob, and I feel grateful for the ongoing
> confusion.

Next advance to Godel, Esher, Bach.