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Re: A Coffin for the Misbegotten?

Hieronymous707 Jan 16, 2012 5:31 PM
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On Jan 16, 7:34 pm, OutreZoneD <> wrote:
>    "The circus arrives without warning."
>                 [...]
>    "You are no longer quite certain
>  which side of the fence is the dream."

Step right up the barker hollered. Learn of Love Of Life Ten Dollars
as the crowd meandered through the fair. Have your future fortune
read. His voice rings loud within my head. I looked around and
everyone was there. So stepping up dollars in hand and paying heed the
barking man I disappeared within that carny tent. The fortune teller
was a card I swear I never laughed so hard. No doubt the best ten
bucks I ever spent. I still recall his words intently and know exactly
what he meant see. I mind his admonitions every day. Tell the Truth Do
What You Will But If You Lie Then Please Lie Still. Still lying in our
futures cards we'll play.

Carnival Triumph