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Look Into a Glass Quartinion

willems Mar 17, 2012 11:33 AM
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On page 590 someone comments,"they belive that Hamilton didn't so much
figure it out as much as recieve it from somewhere beyond." Francis
Aston I belive was an assistant to Hamilton, and had read a book in
which someone named Thompson wrote a peice titled occult chemistry .
He asserted that all the information in the book had been transmitted
via a dream.There was a gas that he described as having an atomic
weight of 22.33 and he gave it a fictitious name Meta -N,
 In the mean time Aston substituted Neon gas which has the atomic
weight of 22.33 and was able to identify the electron within the
atom . In 1922 he was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery.
  It is interesting that with quadratic equations that involve an
unknown quanity and it's square
without the square the unknown quantity would be called linear.
  I've learned that to Pythagoreans, to whom numbers are sacred,2 is
considered male and three female which is the reverse of the general
symbologie in Finnigans Wake, with the "three Willingdone and two
jealous Jennies."
Oh well it gets curiouser and curiouser,
 Happy St. Peatricks and greater glory to Sheena na Geg.