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Re: Great David Thomson piece on a book on Tarkovsky's Stalker

willems Mar 16, 2012 4:43 PM
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On Mar 13, 7:41 am, Psmith <> wrote:
> I read reviews of
> this book in Film Comment and Sight and Sound, and I watched Stalker
> in my science fiction class last year.  I want to read this bok.

Hi Eric , I remember seeing "Stalker" years ago at Metropophobobia ,
with Conrad .It was a fascinating film
and began my fascination with the director Tarkovsky. These days I
have become interested in the Hungarian Bela Tar, I
particularly enjoyed a film named the" Wiertmeister Harmonys".. I
recently saw a Suzuki film called" Branded a Killer"
from 1967. It was very provocative in terms of what he achieved .