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Big Co-op Houses

Bob Gustwick Jun 2, 1990 12:08 PM
Posted in group: (Robert Bowdidge) writes:

> Cloyne never got to be a dorm atmosphere because there was always a large
> mix of people -- graduate students, upper division students, freshmen -- that
> kept the place from getting too homogeneous.  While the variety makes house
> politics nasty at times, it also makes the house a much more interesting plac
> to be.
all very true.  its so cool to hear that other folks experience the same
things we did...  occasionally nasty house politics, but overall a diverse
group, making it at least a learning situation, and more likely, a lot
of fun.

> So, anyone want to start a housing co-op at UCSD?  I'm practically recovered
> from the politics of the USCA!
hah!  hope springs eternal.  as the tone of some of my rantings might
betray, i am not yet over my mental terror of co-op politics...   best of
luck to you. :-)

> -- Robert Bowdidge