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Advance version - official docs - 2nd plenary session, 16-20 Apr 2012

Anete Berzina Jan 30, 2012 9:24 AM
Posted in group: Stakeholder Forum on IPBES - ARCHIVE

Dear Stakeholder Forum on IPBES,


Just to let you know that an advance version of the official documents for the 2nd Plenary Session to Build IPBES (16 – 20 April 2012, Panama) has just been published on the IPBES official website:


These include:


1.     Provisional Agenda - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/1;   

2.     Annotations to the provisional agenda - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/1/Add.1;   

3.     Functions and structures of bodies that might be established under an IPBES - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/3  Advance Version;

4.     Rules of procedure for the meetings of the platform’s plenary - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/4  Advance Version;

5.     Executive summaries of the offers submitted by the Governments of France, Germany, India, Kenya and the Republic of Korea to provide the physical location of the secretariat of an IPBES - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/5-  Advance Version;

6.     Joint proposal submitted by UNEP, UNESCO, FAO and UNDP to host the secretariat of an IPBES - UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/6  Advance Version;

7.     Legal issues relating to the establishment and operationalization of the platform- UNEP/IPBES.MI/2/8 -  Advance Version.






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