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errors on heroku

bruce Apr 30, 2012 9:52 PM
Posted in group: Alchemy CMS
I am just experimenting at present.
I am impressed by the potential I can see with this system.
I have been using Radiant which is good but not on Rails 3 yet.
I have a Spree shop set up and used the 'alchemy_spree' gem.

gem 'alchemy_cms', '~> 2.1.5'
gem 'alchemy_spree'

I was using postgresql in development but the migrations in alchemy
didn't play nicely with that so I converted to sqlite3 then all seems
to work ok but uploading images on my Mac crashed. So I pushed the app
to Heroku and pushed the db to Heroku where it is converted to
All seemed to work ok but when I go to pages is states that my
language tree doesn't exist. Checking languages tab my language 'en'
is there and the only language.
Trying to create a new language tree seems to hang the system. So
pushing past that. If I specifically try to edit a page I get this:

Error: PG::Error: ERROR: syntax error at or near "." LINE
1: ...my_elements"."page_id" = 3 AND (`alchemy_elements`.`page_id`...
^ : SELECT "alchemy_elements".* FROM "alchemy_elements" WHERE
"alchemy_elements"."page_id" = 3 AND (`alchemy_elements`.`page_id` IS

and in the log

2012-05-01T04:36:57+00:00 app[web.1]: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
(PG::Error: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "."
2012-05-01T04:36:57+00:00 app[web.1]: LINE 1: ...pages"."layoutpage"
IS NULL)) AND (`alchemy_pages`.`parent_i...
2012-05-01T04:36:57+00:00 app[web.
1]:                                                              ^
2012-05-01T04:36:57+00:00 app[web.1]: : SELECT  "alchemy_pages".* FROM
"alchemy_pages"  WHERE "alchemy_pages"."urlname" = 'about' AND
"alchemy_pages"."language_id" = 1 AND (("alchemy_pages"."layoutpage"
IN ('f') OR "alchemy_pages"."layoutpage" IS NULL)) AND
(`alchemy_pages`.`parent_id` IS NOT NULL) LIMIT 1):

So any ideas?