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Any server configuration required to run OAuth 1.0a - getting OAUTH_TOKEN_HEADER_INVALID error on server where as running successfully on local setup and one server.

Chirag May 24, 2012 5:52 AM
Posted in group: AdWords API Forum
Hello All,

Any special configuration required for Running OAuth 1.0a running succesfully?
I am trying to run one of my report download code, but it is giving error :

Error Message: <eye3-stackless title='AuthServer User Error OAUTH_TOKEN_HEADER_INVALID'/> AuthenticationError.OAUTH_TOKEN_HEADER_INVALID @ ; trigger:'<null>'; errorDetails:message=Invalid Header Service[ReportInfoService.get]

Please note : It is only has error from few server only. This same file is working on my localhost setup and also from two of my server.