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aapt: AndroidManifest.xml already defines versionCode; using existing value in manifest

Ievgenii Nazaruk Jul 18, 2011 3:43 AM
Posted in group: adt-dev
Here is my use case:

1. I develop applications in eclipse. And therefore I use
AndroidManifest.xml to define default values for  "versionCode" and
"debuggable" attributes for comfort development workflow. Those values
are hard-coded and almost never changed.

2. When I want to build release version of application, I go and run
my customized ant build script which uses Android's build system
rules. This ant script overrides values of "versionCode" and
"debuggable" by using aapt's command line options "--version-code" and

This was working some time ago. I could override values in
AndroidManifest.xml by using customized build script. This however
does not work anymore and final .apk file has values from original
AndroidManifest.xml. And I also receive warnings during the build:

     [aapt] Warning: AndroidManifest.xml already defines versionCode
(in ...); using existing value in manifest.
     [aapt] Warning: AndroidManifest.xml already defines debuggable
(in ...); using existing value in manifest.

And same is true for any attribute that can be overridden from aapt
tool. Code that is responsible for this warning message:

Is this expected behavior? Or should I report it as a bug?