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Re: The official ADF EMG "bug" and "ER" thread

Chris Muir Feb 15, 2011 4:00 PM
Posted in group: ADF Enterprise Methodology Group
As continuation of the ADF EMG bugs 'n' ER thread, FYI:

"Bug 10171693: Declarative Component Namespace Unknown on Application

This bug confirmed under JDev (and as early as,
on a Windows platform when attaching a Declarative Component ADF
Library across a Window network drive, including a declarative
component in a page, then closing and reopening JDeveloper, the
associated declarative component namespace is lost/forgotten, and the
component cannot be rendered at runtime. The workaround is for the
developer to reattach the ADF Library, which is a multi developer team
working on a large amount of ADF modules, is unfeasible.

This bug has been fixed in the mythical, and a backport has
been requested to via SR 3-2820676521. At the time of this
post the backport has been placed in a development queue, awaiting