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Re: [ack-users] ignore binary file is not enabled by default and can't be turned on?

packy Nov 8, 2011 7:54 AM
Posted in group: ack users
So, the simple answer is to just use

ack '(TODO[^s]|FIXME|BUG)' src/collections/动物/

This will restrict ack to just searching that directory, but will let ack decide which files are code and which are not.

Or you could just use 

ack '(TODO[^s]|FIXME|BUG)'

and let ack search the whole source tree.

2011/11/8 Andy Lester <>

On Nov 8, 2011, at 9:07 AM, Rob Hoelz wrote:

ack '(TODO[^s]|FIXME|BUG)' src/collections/动物/*

Your shell will expand the wildcard to include 斑马家族2.jpg, and ack
*always* searches regular files that are provided directly on the
command line.

Rob's answer here is correct.  I didn't notice the * at the end of the path.  Files specified on the command line are always checked, and directories specified on the command line are never skipped, even if you have options telling ack to do so.  The general rule is to let ack do as much on its own as it can.

Thanks, Rob!


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