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Re: Catholic Bishops tell Paul Ryan his budget is wrong.

Herman Adler Apr 26, 2012 8:34 PM
Posted in group: Political Forum
...The Catholic leaders problems with the Ryan’s budget is the same problem most reasonable Americans have with it. It includes a proposal to take 280,000 children off school breakfast and lunch programs and $33 billion in cuts to SNAP – the Food Stamp program. It also includes a provision that makes it more difficult for illegal immigrants to claim child tax credits- a credit the bishops called “one of the most effective antipoverty programs in our nation.”In a letter to the Agriculture Committee, the bishops urged lawmakers to reject “unacceptable cuts to hunger and nutrition” programs for “moral and human reasons.” They said spending cuts should instead be made to subsidy programs that “disproportionately go to large growers and agribusiness.”...


Republicans who claim to be Christians ignore the teachings of Christ in the New Testament.