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Re: Ok, so we had weeks of contrived liberal outrage over Trayvon....

Irie Apr 26, 2012 8:04 PM
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dumbass.....learn to read.....I took the liberty of enlarging a few things so even your lying ass couldn't deny them.....[as if]

According to ABC News and other media organizations, multiple sources had indicated to them that Chris Serino, the lead investigator for the Sanford Police on the night of the shooting, stated in an affidavit that he was unconvinced by Zimmerman's version of events.[57] Based on Serino's affidavit, police sought an arrest warrant for Zimmerman. That request was denied by the Office of the State Attorney for insufficient evidence.[57][58][59]

On March 16, 2012, Serino told the Orlando Sentinel that his investigation turned up no reliable evidence that cast doubt on Zimmerman's account, that he had acted in self-defense. "The best evidence we have is the testimony of George Zimmerman, and he says the decedent was the primary aggressor in the whole event, everything I have is adding up to what he says."[59]

When special prosecutor Angela Corey was asked by the Miami Herald to confirm that the Sanford Police recommended a manslaughter charge, she stated, "I don't know about that, but as far as the process, I can tell you that the police went to the state attorney with a capias request, meaning; We're through with our investigation and here it is for you." A capias is a request for charges to be filed. A source in the Seminole County State Attorney's office told the Miami Herald, "We get capias warrants all the time. That doesn't mean we file charges right away. We investigate to see if it's appropriate. That's the responsible thing to do.[60]