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Re: To the modelers and Google a Thought

Randy Apr 17, 2012 6:46 AM
Posted in group: 3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps
There are "regular" users of GE who are not as savvy as we and who probably think that what is visible in GE is all there is to see. GE is sort of the "front man" to our warehouse band.
The reasons for why all the accepted versions should be made available are the same reasons why the current process is wrong. GE could be improved by adding the capability to cycle through all the accepted versions of a structure. It would certainly eliminate someone deciding which is the "BEST" model to put on display in the 3D layer, and the subsequent appeals from the loosers whose model meets criteria just as well as the winner's.
In all fairness, if a model is complete, and it meets all the acceptance criteria, then it should not need to go to a higher court for judgement. By that, I m referring to a reviewer who might be having a bad day, and whose decission may not be impartial and un-biased. Why put so much emphasis on models meeting acceptance criteria, and THEN subject it to human opinion. The criteria is specific, concrete, quantifiable and measureable. A decission based on those measures can be justified. But a decission to accept only one, or to remove someone's model to make room for a different one when they both meet criteria, and both builders put in their time and sweat, is simply wrong. There is room enough for everyone.
Has anyone taken a good look at that to see how it appears on the outside? Here's what it looks like. A large company, creating tools and challenges, creating criteria for winning those challenges, appoints themselfs to sit in judgement of those criteria, bestows upon their judgements ample weight sufficient enough to trump their own criteria, and displays the products only from the winners they choose, and for the loosers whose model gets rejected, not even the decency of a thoughtful explainatioon of why other than "Better Model Exists."
If you trust the criteria and want to operate based on the criteria, then when criteria is met, the model is accepted and each model gets the opportunity to be seen.
A concept similar to YouTube could be modified to fit GE.  With YT, there isn't anyone taking down videsos because someone else's video is better. Although, I sometimes wish they would. Likewise, in GE  only one model can be visible, AT ONE TIME. Put them all on the same lot and give them a visibility setting of 'hidden' then slap in a button that displays one at a time each time it's clicked.