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Re: The Next Dimension of Google Maps - Official Post

Google Craig Jun 8, 2012 12:55 PM
Posted in group: 3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps
Hi  r a e m e n n, 

we are still working on ideas around notification for models that have been replaced with 3D imagery models, so there will be more information on that as we work it all out.

As far as cost not being an object to keeping the existing 3D Buildings layer around, it's much more complicated than I think most people realize.  It's not just the cost of hosting the models as is...there is a tremendous amount of time and resources involved in the initial review of the models, comparison review of multiple models in one location, deep delving into appeals models, reviewing reported inaccurate models, then the internal process of updating the layer, with testing , and then publishing the layer on a weekly basis, so this is not at all for free.  Plus these are the same resources that will now be working on the 3D imagery cities, so there's a business decision on how we work on everything that goes into Google Earth.  It's a little bit like the analogy of replacing the family car. Do you: A) continuing to spend money fixing/repairing an older car, B) buying a new car with new reliability, better gas mileage and safety features, or C) buying a brand new car AND continuing to spend money maintaining an older car.   I don't mean to trivialize the decisions with my analogy, but when time and resources are limited, and yes we have to think about that here at Google just like in any other company, it's very difficult to choose an option "C".

I hope that makes sense.


     - CraigD


On Friday, June 8, 2012 10:10:02 AM UTC-6, r a e m e n n wrote:

I've only made models with the intent of 'winning' or earning more badges, and to help myself fall asleep. Once my models are replaced by the mesh, I assume that the number of models accounted for and represented with my badges on my warehouse profile will be reduced to zero at some point. 

I've taken a screenshot of my badges, but that feels like cheating, I could have just p-shopped it (sadly, I feel as though I should have years ago). Is there some way to add another element to the 3D warehouse user profile that lists how many models were replaced by the mesh?

I also agree that no matter what the cost, a layer with our legacy efforts as modelers should be available on Google Earth. There's a layer for almost everything, i don't think profit or science has been a driving force for some of those layers.

I'm just happy to have broken 1,000 uploaded before the sky fell. Thanks for all the good times... RIP