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Re: The Next Dimension of Google Maps - Official Post

Sebastian S. Jun 7, 2012 4:32 PM
Posted in group: 3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps
 'old low resolution elevation data with buildings floating above it/user generated content produced haphazardly' ??? Do you really know what you're talking about?? I hardly doubt that those auto generated models will be better than the Saint Basil's Cathedral of Arrigo Silva or one of the many stadiums of Athinaios or the Brooklyn Bridge of Gllerimo (and many other models if you still not convinced about the amazing work of some modellers)!
Maybe you should first think about the work that goes into such models before you talk that disrespectful about the passion of many people who poured their heart and their time into those models!

Am Freitag, 8. Juni 2012 01:11:15 UTC+2 schrieb Paul van Dinther:
I think you are missing the point of why Google has maps. It is not there to keep us entertained while creating models. It had it's purpose but it is no longer needed. Google has already stated that old content is only replaced where new content is introduced. They can't say where new content will appear because this is probably one of the areas Google will need to compete with Apple.

Google maps is about an accurate representation of the real world. That means that auto generated content will closer represent the real world then artists interpretation of the real world. I think very few people will have any interest in looking at the old content once the new stuff is in place. You need to realize this new technology doesn't just show buildings, it shows all elevation data in exquisite detail. Retaining walls, viaducts, bridges and on-ramps. I can not think of a reason why I would want to go back to the old low resolution elevation data with buildings floating above it or extruded into it. It was an approximation of the real world at best and it has now been replaced with better technology.

I suspect Google is holding out on us about how good this technology is. The presentation showed 3D models on par with what C3 has had for over a year. I can not help but wonder what super feature has not been talked about. We will probably hear about it after Apples announcements. This is all speculation of course. But with Google putting emphasis on business locations and advertising in maps, you would need detailed streetlevel information that is seamless. Although denied in this thread by Graig, I still suspect streetview images will play a role with the photogrametry generated content.

Getting the earth modeled to this point has taken many years. And although buildings tend to stick around for many years, 3D building data does age and does need to be regenerated. I trust annual 3D snapshots of a city much more then user generated content produced haphazardly over many years.