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Re: The Next Dimension of Google Maps - Official Post

fguerra Jun 6, 2012 4:17 PM
Posted in group: 3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps

Modeling for Google Earth via Sketchup has been a great hobby for me for the last 2 years or so, and I´m not going to stop. As soon as this weekend I have plans to travel to a nearby town to collect all data possible so i can start modeling some buildings.

I can´t deny that Sketchup selling announcement and this Google Maps news have been a shock, but we can´t stop technology and this step was just long awaited for many people. As for Google Earth I would like to give you a couple of recommendations:
1.- Even if we get to the time to have all the world mapped with your new plane technology, It would be nice to keep the man made building models in a separate layer. That way we can keep modeling feeling it is worth doing it.
2.- Be able to download certain area terrain data to Sketchup so we can use it for real life projects, making use of the accuracy you are offering now.
3.- Trees and landscape layer. What is the world but a great landscape project. You know you can do better on this one.

I really hope this changes are for the better.
Federico Guerra
Monterrey, Mexico.