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Re: The Next Dimension of Google Maps - Official Post

matthiasbasler Jun 11, 2012 10:10 AM
Posted in group: 3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps
Jean wrote:

> Maybe it is time for the
> modelers' community to take its destiny in its own hands!

Thought about this myself more than once.
The obvious benefit are:
- is that a community driven project gives more freedom for licensing
for the modeller ... you may not automatically give away your model
for almost every purpose (including creating war games from them ...)
- we can have a different view on quality vs. quantity, we can have
different layers for high-/medium/low detail models, for example

The obvious problems are:
- Find someone providing the infrastructure and find sponsors to find
- The project must gain enough acceptance to become useful. An earth
that's empty of 3D models except for half a dozen city is not useful.
- Project management tasks, such as voting on reviewers and such.

The not-so-obvious problems are:
- Have the platform to show the models. As long as Google Earth
supports loading custom 3D models even in areas that have the
autogenerated city models, things are maybe not ideal, but doable. But
what if, lets say, Google stops providing the elevation model to
SketchUp for such areas? Or you could not turn off the "new" buildings
and elevation model separately in order to load in own models? Who
knows how things will turn out.
- A diverse community which sure enough has equally diverse opinions
to the question what a "good" or "better" model is.
- Are you *really* willing to continue building models in areas once
you have seen Googles new models (Still in two years, when the
technique is advanced even further?)

I am pretty sure there are people from science, industry, governments
and public surveying offices out there who already played with the
thought of offering similar services like the 3D warehouse. Maybe they
take their chance now. I am waiting for invitations ;-)

Wiki commons is a good first idea. Maybe there are other wiki or wiki-
like systems out there more specialized in hosting models. Needs to be

Anyway, you have my support.