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Re: Condiderations on 360Cities visibility on Google Earth

HighDesertView Apr 1, 2012 2:57 PM
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I'd say this is one of the more repeated topics, though it doesn't come up nearly as often as "Why doesn't my pano qualify for GE?"

I gather from previous posts that there is at least some amount of control exercised by 360cities as to what altitude or zoom level individual panos appear:

I for one would like to see the formula.  

I've wondered too about separating types of 360s.  For a while the first panos visible around me from high altitude were truck stops and skateboard parks (still true, now that I just pulled up GE).  And I live in one of the most scenic places in the US!  I don't know about you, but I when I load up GE, I want to look at interesting scenic or historic places that I might travel to.  Let me zoom into urban areas when I'm looking for an interesting urban setting.  The thing is, I mostly know what I might find in a city.  What I don't necessarily know is what's outside the city.  I want things outside the city to show at high altitude, not the reverse.

Mostly, I'd be happy to see some opportunity for the community to discuss and contribute to the formula for visibility in GE.