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Re: IPAD problems: GE and account profile

Jan Vrsinsky May 18, 2012 9:21 AM
Posted in group: 360Cities Community
Thank you for reporting this.

The whole gallery section was added only recently into the Google Earth app and not everything works the way it should yet.

We'll be working with Google on improving the user experience of 360Cities in Google Earth app on the iPad (the similar issue applies also to the iPhone as far as I know).


On Friday, May 18, 2012 4:08:33 PM UTC+2, Peter Mad wrote:
Hi Jan
just found some compatibility issues of with new IPAD.

In particular I verified two problems in Google Earth, the first being quite serious:
- if you open from Ipad the GE App (downloaded) you can choose only the Panoramio Layer (plus Wiki, Streets, ecc alwaye as options) but not any 360Cities layer. Therefore from Ipad is not possible to see in GE any red square! But of course you can see the Panoramio pictures ... In practice with IPAD all 360panos from 360Cities are simply not present/visible in GOOGLE EARTH...
- Additionally if you open GE from your account profile, clicking on the small icon, in this case you get the 360 red pins corresponding to the location of your panos, but they are not clickable.Probably the two things are connected.

Finally, always in the account profile the opening 360pano is not visible and the space is just white with the description.
Am I wrong? If not, is it anything already in the pipeline of corrections? Is there any app that can solve the GE problem? Useless to say the importance of Ipad for our panos.
Thx and bye.