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Re: Problems with Older Swapped Panos in GE (before the daily update kicked in)

HighDesertView Jul 3, 2012 7:17 PM
Posted in group: 360Cities Community
Apparently, this is a non-starter.  Perhaps if I go through and re-upload and swap all over again?

On Wednesday, May 30, 2012 8:57:20 AM UTC-6, HighDesertView wrote:

   I'd like to keep this discussion going.  I periodically updated the old thread on GE issues, but that thread has grown too large and has a lot of different topics in it.  So, I decided to start a new one.

To recap, most of the 360s I fixed in the fall of last year have not updated in Google Earth.  They were successfully RE-approved for both 360cities and GE but the update simply does not show in GE.  

In the fall of last year, after about a year of creating 360s and upgrading my software, I used the knowledge I gained to redo many of my earlier 360s.  I then uploaded them and exchanged them with the old 360s using the swap feature.  Everything went without much problem except that the newer panos never ended up in Google Earth (GE).  To be clear, the updates were all approved for 360cities AND Google Earth.  However, GE consistently shows the old 360s.

Each month, I check to see if anything has happened.  The easiest thing I look for are the 360s where I managed to paint out my shadow.  For example:

To see it in GE you must use GE to find it in the Gallery or Photo Layer at: 


Note: You cannot click on the "View in GE" link from 360cities because this will serve up a "fresh" copy directly from 360cities servers which will have my updates.  You must use GE to find the 360 and then you'll see my shadow on the ground that I managed to paint out of the updated version.

My guess: I figure GE keeps a cached version of the photo which they scraped off of 360cities.  When the daily update kicked in, they agreed to scrape new copies as necessary on a daily basis.  The clock was set to zero when the daily updates first started and GE checks against that clock to determine if a 360cities member updated their pano.  If you happened to update before that date there's a chance your update won't make it into GE, because GE thinks all the photos are at most as old as the first day daily updates started.  Either that, or it was just going to be too much of a server load on 360cities for GE to suddenly update every last 360 that had been updated all at once on day one and some fell through the cracks.