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Plan to add some features C2 12/8/16
how to build zxing under visual studio 2015 leo tang 12/6/16
ZXing 3.3.0 released Sean Owen 12/5/16
adding another translation to the 'ZXing-based third-party open source projects' table Edward 12/2/16
exploiting error correction, scan not possible car5ten 11/30/16
Cant scan with ZXingScannerView embaded in layout. Nexus 5x only Piotr Malak 11/29/16
Auto Focus issue on Xtouch P1 tablet Ground Control 11/23/16
Bar Code Scan issue Chetan Ansel 11/17/16
Speed of barcode detection, relevant flags and allowing diagonal scans? Dino 11/17/16
How to use ZXING with XAML and Prism in Xamarin forms? Nick Smith 11/15/16
comments on Google Play reviews GammaProtocol 11/12/16
Re: [zxing] Industrial 2 of 5 Lachezar Dobrev 11/10/16
Custom animation Valerio Ferrero 11/4/16
Can ZXing generate barcode base on EAN128/GS1-128 code? Tomas Pinto 11/4/16
Requirements elicitation. Tiago Silva 10/30/16
ZXING compatible with ISO EIC 18004 2015 Tomas Pinto 10/26/16
Unable to read barcode (but zBar can read it) ! Abhayadev S 10/25/16
Re: Any way to implement Secure QR Code (SQRC) feature in ZXing library? Sean Owen 10/19/16
Scan only cod39 Francesco Perfetti 10/18/16
Don't show contents of the barcode Francis Pena 10/14/16
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