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HELP ME FOR DECODE RGB QR CODE yudha viki 6/29/16
DataMatrix barcode Oracle Reports PARTYMIX011 6/28/16
Different results from Python wrapper and website Melissa Hendershott 6/27/16
GS1 Data Matrix display control characters in Android App Derry Manley 6/27/16
Android: recognize multiple barcodes in a single image Alessandro Agostini 6/27/16
Detecting CR Character in Barcode Christopher Cassidy 6/22/16
nexus 5x - open front facing camera and display is rotated upside down yoas fs 6/22/16
Alguien podria ayudarme el error de mi ruta? Edder Cruz 6/20/16
Barcode not recognized from Java application but recognized with Android barcode app Peter Pinnau 6/15/16
Google Chart Server QR code API now replicated at zxing.org Sean Owen 6/14/16
Multi-scanning barcodes Paul Norton 2 6/14/16
create muti-line text qrcode create multi-line text qrcode 6/12/16
Camera permission bug Tibi Georgescu 6/12/16
Unusual "Resource not found" on some files Abdeali Kothari 6/11/16
Add Manual Entry Text Field and Submit button overlay Kent Spadzinski 6/9/16
What parts of source code to use for data matrix scanning/processing Shania Marks 6/8/16
Documentation/guide, javadoc and examples anywhere? Alex R. 6/8/16
Example of classes used for the web decoder? Nikk Wong 6/8/16
Disable Black Transparent Eding around View Nikita 6/6/16
Best practices for zxing Intent conflicts David Thomson 6/3/16
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