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Unable to read barcode (but zBar can read it) ! Abhayadev S 2:29 AM
Re: Any way to implement Secure QR Code (SQRC) feature in ZXing library? Sean Owen 10/19/16
Scan only cod39 Francesco Perfetti 10/18/16
Don't show contents of the barcode Francis Pena 10/14/16
capture on landscape or portrait mode not working ccapela 10/13/16
android Libpng Vulnerability issue Mobily IT 10/12/16
Question on the development process. Tiago Silva 10/12/16
AIC scan Francesco Perfetti 10/5/16
Double/triple scans John Zhu 10/5/16
DATA_MATRIX: not upscaled to a requested size and needs a MARGIN=1 to be readable Yury Skanavy 10/4/16
Can't decode UPC_A and UPC_E via Java api, works fine in the android app Yury Skanavy 9/30/16
getting the binary representation from a QR code image and vis versa Nadir SAHLLAL 9/27/16
Barcode Scanner App: Custom Search URL not showing bytes greater than 0x7F Christian Leutloff 9/26/16
need to enable flash light while turn on bar code scanner ramji rajendiran 9/26/16
Feedback on quality of read QR Code, error correction used to decode freda 9/21/16
ZXing 3.3.0 released Sean Owen 9/16/16
Barcode Scanner 4.7.6 released Sean Owen 9/16/16
Going to release zxing 3.3 / new BS app soon Sean Owen 9/12/16
Re: [zxing] Industrial 2 of 5 Lachezar Dobrev 9/7/16
Resizing and embedding the camera view Madusha Perera 9/1/16
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