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zxing is 10: a few reflections Sean Owen 10/25/17
Decode DataMatrix problem Anna Kuduk 3:44 AM
How to determine the QR code is positive and there is no rotation Buding 4/20/18
How to determine the min / maxCodewordWidth for a Bitmatrix image for PDF417 Decoding pgmacdesign 4/4/18
Possible to display the control characters in data matrix? Jörgen Andersson 4/3/18
How do I fetch the final codeword (binary string) being generated by the zxing QR code decoder? Rishabh Vashistha 4/2/18
Zxing C++ Tutorial for beginners to understand the Program flow Balaji R 3/28/18
Does ZXing support Digikey datamatrix barcode? Paul Tan 3/26/18
Does Zxing library use native code somewhere or is it a pure JAVA library? Devender Issar 3/22/18
Chance to support new Format? (DotCode) Fabian Claus 3/20/18
is ZXing support arm64 ? Leox Woo 3/15/18
I have a question about the size of image. please help me diane 3/13/18
Multiple QRCodes not all recognized when using QRCodeMultiReader crao 3/9/18
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع shader j 3/8/18
Can not encode with RSS barcodes. Yujin 3/7/18
What is FNC1 when creating a GS1-128 barcode? Yujin 3/5/18
Gzip compression and decompression App Developer 3/5/18
Zxing JAVA : Unable to read some EAN128 bar code Johan Bole besançon 3/1/18
setting 128 barcode bar width in zxing Sachin Kulshrestha 2/26/18
read bar codes from various part of the image maneetta antony 2/21/18
Why ngx-zxing does not scan barcodes Aridon Avdullahu 2/8/18
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