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Barcode detection finally built in to Android Sean Owen 9:52 AM
zxing for Java 1.5 Guilherme Bazilio Garcia de Freitas 8/21/15
Zxing Android app does not handle camera display orientation correctly Eino-Ville Talvala 8/21/15
installation doc for zxing web Sandro Eugster 8/21/15
ZXing 3.2.1 released Sean Owen 8/19/15
When will zxing library will be compatible with Android Camera2 api? Matteo Bonifazi 8/19/15
zxing 3.3.0 release schedule? Daniel G. 8/18/15
Bitmap image and extracted data faulty oana sodolan 8/12/15
EAN-128 doesn't recognise AI-a Tarik Huber 8/7/15
Speed up detection of QRCode by known ImagePosition Peravene 8/7/15
Using Barcode Scanner to send information to JD edwards. GOHOINC 8/6/15
How to open Zxing project in Android Studio and compile it? Mourad JEMAÏL 7/29/15
How to recognize ITF barcode with Red Lines at the start and end of the code? Neal Sanche 7/28/15
Re: [zxing] Where can I find the source code for : http://zxing.org/w/decode.jspx Lachezar Dobrev 7/27/15
Barcode not recognized (coloured background) Luca Fissore 7/22/15
Help with local zxing configuration Pablo Fidalgo 7/21/15
Zxing - scanning issue for iOS application. jose francis 7/20/15
Barcode Scanner Plus proceeds now to environmental charity Sean Owen 7/19/15
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