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DPM DataMatrix (ECC200) code can support by Zxing library ? in (CPP) Sathish Kumar 7/4/15
Is it safe to keep the barcode scanner on for couple of minutes in regards to phone's camera health? W.M. 7/4/15
QRCode not decoded from bitmap venator85 6/30/15
Bulk mode : how to stop the scan ? Robert G 6/27/15
How to open Zxing project in Android Studio and compile it? Mourad JEMAÏL 6/24/15
ChecksumException with datamatrix barcode Diego Dallagiacoma 6/17/15
Having trouble working with Zxing Tim Gass 6/11/15
ZXing scanner fragment crashes on Xamarin, on orientation change immediately before callback Geir Smestad 6/10/15
How to compile zxing with android studio for windows? BiagioD 6/4/15
Compiled Barcode Scanner performance is much worse than the version released in Google Play Lawrence Zhou 6/2/15
Fixing the scale ratio when using in an ActionBarActivity Mustafa Aldemir 6/1/15
Zxing scanner redirect to wrong page Tzvetelin Bleskov 5/31/15
Problem in QR Code Recognition in Portrait Mode Mustafa Aldemir 5/29/15
can NOT read a qr code which has very simple data Weicheng Bao 5/27/15
QR Code URL with query parameter Rene Schakmann 5/25/15
finding 1 particular barcode test case interesting chance 5/25/15
In the debug mode, the camera repeat black screen with red line in the middle Gonzalo Ordenes 5/24/15
Is there any option to use my own button in capture layout? Anton Kogan 5/24/15
QRCode reader not work in Unity BaO 5/22/15
Test a bar code image, but not get correct result. Neo Chu 5/20/15
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