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"Code promise is not resolved in noWait mode" Emiliano Heyns 1/27/18
Adding top-level menu using an overlay Emiliano Heyns 1/25/18
Small glitches in client build_and_deploy Frank Bennett 1/24/18
Import silently dropping fields Emiliano Heyns 1/11/18
Need help debugging a translator ? sylvain machefert 1/9/18
MacOS soft-close notification Emiliano Heyns 1/9/18
AddonManager.getAllAddons is not a function in Zotero 5.0.33, platform => Win32 Emiliano Heyns 1/2/18
What promise must I wait for before I can access Zotero.DataDirectory.dir? Emiliano Heyns 12/25/17
Adding the itemID to a CSL style Emiliano Heyns 12/17/17
Building Standalone on Mac- Error John Murphy 12/14/17
Web API: CSL-JSON export date fix Dan Stillman 12/5/17
Progress Window Brenton Wiernik 12/5/17
PDF attachment done downloading Jeremy Van Cleve 11/29/17
Adding shortcuts for extension Emiliano Heyns 11/29/17
Please help me convert my translator based on FW to regular one Pierre 11/23/17
Promises and API rdfs...@gmail.com 11/20/17
Some top-level library items aren't returned when the format is set to 'bibtex'. Stephan Hügel 11/20/17
Differences between Github Repository and downloaded releases? Jonathan 11/19/17
Adding citekey search Emiliano Heyns 11/17/17
Loading translations in extension Emiliano Heyns 11/15/17
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