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Where/How to Patch Binary Diff to server? Peter Gerdes 3/11/17
Canonical Citations Peter Gerdes 3/7/17
Zotero API v.3 - life expectancy GeniusWebDesign Online 3/7/17
Pointers for implementing new feature (retrieving extra data from internet) Scott Howard 3/6/17
Can linked_url have a path field? Peter Gerdes 3/6/17
Re: hierarchical tags aka context adamsmith 3/3/17
Porting to 5.0 Emiliano Heyns 3/2/17
Patch idea for AbbrevsFilter support Frank Bennett 3/2/17
Zotero Plugin for TinyMCE Maria _10 3/2/17
Not include localization that are largely incomplete? Dan Michael O. Heggø 2/24/17
Help with protocol handler in zotero add-on jl 2/23/17
Web API: list groups Emiliano Heyns 2/22/17
Question about connector API to communicate with local standalone zotero parchd...@archlinux.info 2/21/17
Good starting point for a new translator ? sylvain machefert 2/17/17
Setting up a local zotero server Foo Bar 2/17/17
Building Zotero 5.0 Frank Bennett 2/12/17
Subject synchronized with thesaurus Rousset Miled 2/2/17
Zotero is hiring a backend developer Dan Stillman 2/1/17
translator question for a sites that require a form h.em65 2/1/17
Translator coding in 5.0: Life without Scaffold? adamsmith 1/17/17
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