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Translators: following a redirect? Frank Bennett 7/5/15
Library lookup engines, again Erik Hetzner 7/5/15
Building master Emiliano Heyns 7/1/15
4.0.27 released but not tagged? Emiliano Heyns 7/1/15
Can't compile translators with Google Closure compiler because string line continuations Lennart Borgman 6/30/15
How do I know if detectWeb() found that the page should be handled? Lennart Borgman 6/30/15
No module named 'exceptions' Silvia Gutiérrez 6/29/15
Could exports.itemType really be defined at any time in detectWeb in Embedded Metadata.js? Lennart Borgman 6/29/15
The depreciatete "for each" is used in JavaScript translator files Lennart Borgman 6/29/15
Is there a JavaScript that can make a bibliography from a style CSL? Lennart Borgman 6/28/15
Bulk installation of Zotero - legal issues? Carol Han 6/16/15
Juris-M: Async + generators question Frank Bennett 6/10/15
Discussion about Firefox add-on signing Caistarrin TM 6/8/15
Promises/Bluebird question: itemToCSLJSON() Frank Bennett 6/6/15
rel="prev" missing from the "Link" header Olli-Pekka Juntunen 6/4/15
Writing test for translator charles zeng 6/3/15
Artstor Translator has been updated. charles zeng 6/2/15
Questions from MLZ: unit testing & sync roadmap Frank Bennett 5/29/15
Problem attaching PDF using Artwork Type John Justin 5/28/15
Removing existing translator Charles Zeng 5/28/15
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