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Question about embedded Zotero metadata in .odt files with ReferenceMarks Rintze Zelle 8/31/17
Juris-M build: Travis CI timeout Frank Bennett 8/30/17
Zotero Standalone builds - Travis CI setup question Frank Bennett 8/29/17
Is yielding on Zotero.initializationPromise enough for Zotero.Items.getAsync to work? Emiliano Heyns 8/25/17
What promise must I wait for before I can access Zotero.DataDirectory.dir? Emiliano Heyns 8/25/17
Allow translator to create standalone notes Emiliano Heyns 8/23/17
Zotero.debug in import translators Emiliano Heyns 8/21/17
Translators location for running them on translation-server Sonali Gupta 8/18/17
Clearing the library Emiliano Heyns 8/18/17
Is there a way to parametrize a set in an SQL query? Emiliano Heyns 8/15/17
registerObserver for item -- is the item sure to be loaded when my notify handler fires? Emiliano Heyns 8/15/17
fieldsCombined, itemTypeFields, itemTypeFieldsCombined, baseFieldMappings, baseFieldMappingsCombined Emiliano Heyns 8/15/17
async shutdown listener Emiliano Heyns 8/14/17
Bulk update of references Emiliano Heyns 8/11/17
Zotero 5 Christian Britto 8/11/17
Java and Zotero proje...@gmail.com 8/11/17
Most efficient way to drop in new translators Emiliano Heyns 8/10/17
Getting date as the user typed it in Emiliano Heyns 8/10/17
Building Firefox connector: xar Frank Bennett 8/10/17
Changes to Zotero Connector and COinS John Wallrodt 8/10/17
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