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Doing FTS using external sqlite client Amos Bird 11/6/17
Translator for British Newspaper Archive Emma Reisz 11/6/17
How can I access zotero.sqlite externally when zotero is running? Amos Bird 11/5/17
New translator for The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature Ken Penner 11/3/17
TCP connections from firefox extensions Emiliano Heyns 11/1/17
Is there a cli tool that can do full text search in local zotero? Amos Bird 11/1/17
Updated publisher reference styles Maxine Smith 10/27/17
What is the battel plan to migrate from XULRunner? Simon Perdrisat 10/26/17
zotero API / pyzotero question siegfrie...@richard-wolf.com 10/18/17
Web translator: detectWeb and single page apps Dan Michael O. Heggø 10/15/17
My Publications + Zotero API ? Frank Bennett 10/9/17
How to cope with a website that fills HTML dynamically? Kouichi NAKAMURA 9/28/17
translator do not work with Zotero 5 but do work with Zotero 4 Kouichi NAKAMURA 9/28/17
async import translators Emiliano Heyns 9/27/17
Using framework, trying to make all upper case author names to upper case only used for the first letter Kouichi NAKAMURA 9/24/17
Translator contribution howto jakob 9/24/17
Locking the UI until BBT is ready Emiliano Heyns 9/22/17
Extra row in the itemPane Emiliano Heyns 9/22/17
New translator for SROWA Mike O'Connor 9/21/17
Extra columns in extensions.zotero.pane.persist cause every column in the reference list to be selected Emiliano Heyns 9/21/17
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