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preparing for 5.0 Dan Stillman 5/30/16
citeproc-js API issue: duplicate citationIDs Frank Bennett 5/25/16
Segmentation Fault with Zotero Standalone on Linux Linux Mercedes 5/23/16
APIv3 change: dateModified handling Dan Stillman 5/18/16
Delayed serialization for attachments synced through WebDAV (I think) Emiliano Heyns 5/14/16
RecursiveCollection : a mini plugin project Jonathan Chibois 5/13/16
Zotero 4.0 sync troubleshooting in Firefox 46 Dan Stillman 4/30/16
What about a Joomla plugin for Zotero Georges H 4/28/16
5.0 alpha Dan Stillman 4/23/16
Parsing the item URI in a translator Emiliano Heyns 4/18/16
Given list of possible sources (DOI, web and pdf links), how do I choose the best translator? jl 4/12/16
Modification Bibliotheque nationale de France.js facem facem 4/11/16
Re: More Shortcuts for TinyMCE in Zotero Steffen Bollmann 4/5/16
Notifier for entering/leaving connector mode? Emiliano Heyns 4/4/16
Using Zotero with Oauth Christoph Oßner 3/30/16
Adding Zotero library to Squarespace lhs.u...@gmail.com 3/24/16
Setting up a local zotero server Foo Bar 3/21/16
How to make a translator compatible with the translation server? Michael Unterkalmsteiner 3/17/16
Problem with TEI Translator: Version of the item is exported in element <edition> for e.g. books? Franziska Horn 3/16/16
Modify local db to change attachment from webdav to links Lingyun Yang 3/11/16
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