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Released YUIDoc v0.5.0 Ryuichi Okumura 1/20/15
@static mayer...@yahoo.com 12/19/14
Federating other docs into YUIDoc Joe Malin 12/19/14
Setting extension list in json config file? Marcus F 12/9/14
Outputting root source folder name on page? Marcus F 12/4/14
Filename instead of @class? Marcus F 12/4/14
Released YUIDoc 0.4.0 Ryuichi Okumura 11/18/14
Trhow exception Angel Ivanov 8/11/14
Getting yuidoc to use yuidoc.json Ben Rogers 6/5/14
Inherited static method does not display Barthélemy Laurans 5/22/14
how to host multiple versions of doc with yuidoc? Qi Luo 5/21/14
How to make Yuidoc use slash and not backslash in links? Mario Rossi 5/5/14
Problems when hosting Gonzalo Amadio 4/23/14
how to use yuidoc with myeclipse ? Cem Yeniçeri 4/14/14
Generate docs from a string Dominic Lennon 4/9/14
Search function? John Lantz 4/1/14
Internal and external documentation Mikael Lindqvist 3/12/14
Extend a custom theme? Edan Schwartz 2/7/14
@requires tag not working Navaneet Sarma 2/1/14
How do i display private members by default in the generated docs? Mihai Tomescu 1/31/14
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