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Read-only Downtime: Dec. 6 Jeffrey Posnick 11/29/10
Update to the ClientLogin URL Jeffrey Posnick 11/4/10
Access issues with standardfeeds/most_viewed Jarek Wilkiewicz 10/24/10
Read-only Downtime: Oct. 11 Jeffrey Posnick 10/7/10
Read-only Downtime: Sept. 23 Jeffrey Posnick 9/22/10
Read-only Downtime: September 13 Jeffrey Posnick 9/13/10
Default <iframe> YouTube embed coming soon Jarek Wilkiewicz 9/9/10
New release of YouTube Direct Android App Jarek Wilkiewicz 8/16/10
Service Issue Affecting YouTube API Uploads Jeffrey Posnick 8/12/10
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A New Way To Embed YouTube Videos Jarek Wilkiewicz 7/22/10
[YouTube-API-Announce] Java YouTube Developers: Update Your Libraries Jeffrey Posnick 5/17/10
[YouTube-API-Announce] New API Revision on Staging Server Jeffrey Posnick 5/4/10
[YouTube-API-Announce] Now Available: YouTube Direct 2.0 Jeffrey Posnick 4/26/10
Read-only Downtime: April 12 Jeffrey Posnick 4/7/10
Partial Responses and Updates with the YouTube API Jeffrey Posnick 3/22/10
Read-only Downtime: March 8 Jeffrey Posnick 3/2/10
Read-only Downtime: Feb. 8 Jeffrey Posnick 2/2/10
New API Revision on Staging Server Jeffrey Posnick 2/2/10
A New Format for JSON Results Jeffrey Posnick 2/1/10
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