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@!attribute [w] xxx not doing what I thought it should phi...@gmail.com 3/26/14
Using YARD with Read The Docs pe...@quill.org 3/25/14
jRuby compatibility issue t...@impac.ch 3/10/14
Integration of Yard into Rubygems Andrei Beliankou 12/30/13
Missing documentation of overridden methods Glyn Normington 12/18/13
AJAX from "Search" fields returns broken JS koul...@gmail.com 11/27/13
HTML string rendered as text gabriele...@nervianoms.com 9/30/13
Documenting message passing api's ch...@ochsnet.com 9/4/13
Is it possible to have comments for constants on the same line? ojak...@gmail.com 8/17/13
namespaces are not recognized laura.t...@gmail.com 5/31/13
@!attribute [rw] and type (String, Integer...) ? Denis BEURIVE 5/28/13
Can't have a list in @param? Steve 5/24/13
Last link in Class, Method or File list doesn't work steve.d...@gmail.com 5/20/13
Ruby Legacy Parser has problems parsing all caps method names bwil...@blurb.com 5/16/13
Proper method for documenting self.new method for a class cluster factory? bfos...@gmail.com 5/15/13
After deleting a class, documentation for it is not automatically deleted (causes failures on rubydoc.org) peter.vand...@gmail.com 5/12/13
How to make YARD show full class names in the docs? Gennady Bystritsky 4/19/13
How do I syntactically highlight text? NullVoxPopuli 4/19/13
Documenting iterative metprogrammed methods mfo...@mdsol.com 4/11/13
Any way of attaching documentation to root? Nikolai Weibull 4/11/13
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