Xtend Programming Language

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xtend on the web with ninja (and DSL routing?) Carl Perfect 6/28/15
Is it possible to use the xtend compiler as a library? Carl Perfect 6/26/15
Unique name generation for macros robert.m...@gmail.com 6/25/15
Strange error: resolution of uriFragment '|2' failed Toby Kurien 6/24/15
Template expression does not compile from commandline Chris Bryan 6/18/15
2.8.3 available Sven Efftinge 6/18/15
Extension: toIterable(Iterator) gr...@itemis.de 6/5/15
Boolean operators &=, |= in Xtend ioannes.ca...@gmail.com 6/3/15
get compilation errors on access to an instance on parent class Manav Brar 6/2/15
build-helper-maven-plugin not available anymore? Howto manage multiple source folders? kist...@gmail.com 6/2/15
XTend doGenerate resource : optional run parameter Yves Kircher 5/31/15
Override Resource for doGenerate() Yves Kircher 5/31/15
Xtend vs. Kotlin Sven Efftinge 5/31/15
Is it possible to improve the quality of generated Java code? Wei Liu 5/29/15
Error compiling with 2.9.0-beta2 brsa...@gmail.com 5/29/15
Intellij Beta Jacob Goodson 5/22/15
Eclipse TestNG Plugin doesn't mark correct Xtend line Oliver Libutzki 5/22/15
Joint compilation with Scala b.fraue...@gmail.com 5/20/15
Template brackets not displaying correct Anton Hughes 5/20/15
[AA] Active Annotatin Not Applicable to Interfaces denis....@gmail.com 5/16/15
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