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Annotations on annotation properties are not working Thomas Driessen 1:56 AM
Creating an anonymous instance of an annotation does not work Thomas Driessen 1:53 AM
Active Annotations: create Annotation with methods and defaults Thomas Driessen 4/26/17
Urgent openings...!!!Immediate start sam....@atgstech.com 4/25/17
Hot openings..!!! sam....@atgstech.com 4/24/17
load yaml file to class Hemal Bavishi 4/22/17
ERROR:Type mismatch: cannot convert from (Exception)=>boolean to Function1<? super Exception, Boolean> Daniele Antonini 4/18/17
Type mismatch: cannot convert from Set<Long> to Set<Long> Daniele Antonini 4/14/17
java.lang.NullPointerException when build an xtend project with gradle Daniele Antonini 4/14/17
java.lang.NullPointerException during generateXtext Daniele Antonini 4/11/17
Active Annotations: Ordering of execution, ordering of files processed Michael Bischoff 4/6/17
Re: named parameter Moritz Eysholdt 4/5/17
UPDATED HOT LIST (03/29/2017) kaushik from Humac Inc 3/30/17
C2C Jobs Dice Jobs UPDATED HOT LIST (03/28/2017) kaushik from Humac Inc 3/28/17
Dice Jobs UPDATED HOT LIST (03/27/2017) kaushik from Humac Inc 3/27/17
Active Annotations: is there a way to check if a MutableTypeDeclaration is an interface? christi...@nineconnections.com 3/24/17
Determine Active Annotation processor at runtime Oliver Libutzki 3/17/17
Android build exceptions chrs wk 3/16/17
Xtend 2.11.0 with Java 6/7 chrs wk 3/16/17
Problem with ActiveAnnotation and used annotation javax.validation.constraints.Size Alexander Fischer 3/14/17
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