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I made a PR to xtext-lib dustContributor 2:25 PM
Casting a lambda explicitely daniel...@gmail.com 10/19/16
Using Xtend-Android Gradle plugin and LibGDX-generated Gradle build file Wutipong Wongsakuldej 10/19/16
[Xtend Programming Language] conditional save navigation Mike Rumpf 10/16/16
Replace WrappedPrimitiveArray with Guava's primitive lists dustContributor 10/2/16
Right-clicking in project explorer gives no 'source' or 'refactor' options for .xtend files Niels Kildeskov 9/29/16
How to used xtend-maven-plugin to build a source and javadoc jar ? Micael Pedrosa 9/29/16
can find jsonized Manav Brar 9/19/16
need a curry example in Xtend lang Manav Brar 9/13/16
Intellij IDEA Plugin? Philip Hignight 9/7/16
Active Annotations: How do I get an import to be added for my used class? Christian Vogel 8/29/16
Probably two bugs in resolving type hierarchy and type parameters kirstenk...@gmail.com 8/26/16
The meaning of 'it' Günter Kniesel 8/24/16
try with resources Manav Brar 8/23/16
Spring Boot project that uses Xtend classes as views oliver bruening 8/22/16
How can I find the generic type of method parameter? Christian Vogel 8/21/16
sorting with java8 stream Manav Brar 8/19/16
Architectural Documentation Johannes Neu 8/3/16
Error during generating signed APK (Android Studio) emrede...@gmail.com 8/1/16
p2 sites for old releases Jesper Eskilson 7/25/16
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