Xtend Programming Language

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Java to Xtend converter? Krzysztof Rzymkowski 8/26/15
Changelog for 2.8.4 Artur Biesiadowski 8/25/15
Active Annotations: dependencies and multiple passes for transformation process kirstenk...@gmail.com 8/20/15
reformatting affects rich strings Vlad Dumitrescu 8/17/15
No new development in XTend ?????? Philipp Kutter 8/12/15
XtendFormatter configuration atao 8/11/15
Roadmap for Xtend? Christian Vogel 8/9/15
Solid references... Philip Hignight 8/7/15
Check if declared constructor is hand-written (or the default constructor) kirstenk...@gmail.com 8/4/15
Xtend maven plugin fails with compiler errors, while Eclipse Xtend compiler is ok. Jos Warmer 7/31/15
@Data annotation bug Typhoon Storm 7/28/15
Generate types in different packages from one ".xtend" file and partial classes kirstenk...@gmail.com 7/27/15
auto-gwt and html5 metamodel Anton Hughes 7/21/15
Problem with default generic method in interface Zheka Kozlov 7/14/15
Batch compiler classpath Chris Bryan 7/13/15
Issue about generic type parameter infer Typhoon Storm 7/10/15
Is it possible to use the xtend compiler as a library? Carl Perfect 7/9/15
Templates geneating aligned comments fab...@gmail.com 7/5/15
xtend on the web with ninja (and DSL routing?) Carl Perfect 6/28/15
Unique name generation for macros robert.m...@gmail.com 6/25/15
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