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Standalone-Compiler 2.4.2 - ResourcesPlugin cannot be resolved to a type. Carsten 1:27 AM
bug in Xtend 2.6 w.r.t. set literals? Meinte Boersma 4/23/14
XText viable for implementing a Prolog Parser Andre Ramos 4/17/14
xText allows to create a Prolog Parser? Andre Ramos 4/16/14
Compiling with maven on java 8 Wes 4/14/14
Idea: Android Bootstrap for xtend Ville Vainio 4/13/14
No access to inner methods and members from a lambda? Christian Vogel 4/9/14
xtend is awesome, eclipse is not Salvatore Romeo 4/9/14
Gradle: using the standalone compiler Stephen Agneta 4/8/14
Sharing our experience with Xtend & Android dmac...@gmail.com 4/8/14
Xtend on Hacker News Sven Efftinge 4/5/14
Xtend editor issues Toby Kurien 4/3/14
Xtend editor folding Christian Vogel 4/2/14
some useful xtend active annotations Salvatore Romeo 3/29/14
Is there a way I could see/list the Maven dependencies of the *generated code*? Sebastien Diot 3/29/14
How about extending functionality of "typeof" to extract type of expression? Typhoon Storm 3/28/14
problems caused by third-party plugin Vlad Dumitrescu 3/28/14
xtend vs java8 Salvatore Romeo 3/27/14
Generated Java code error Typhoon Storm 3/25/14
Generating code via Xtend - how to check if target file already exists? Purpose: do not overwrite user created content gwie...@gmail.com 3/24/14
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