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Java certificate issues Jonathan Feinberg 11/26/15
Printing in Mac OS X Jonathan Feinberg 11/12/15
Word stemming peterhol 5/3/11
Welcome, Wordle Users Jonathan Feinberg 12/23/08
After "go," nothing appears Gill Miller 11/23/15
Wordle Create not working caotter 11/23/15
Can you make Wordles into shapes? Eileen O'Reilly-Hoisington 11/21/15
Unable to view http://www.wordle.net/ in IE8 / Chrome - Have the latest java Installed (java 8 update 65) Dhanashri Mangarule 11/18/15
Java error Todd Sefton 11/18/15
Can I tighten the layout that Wordle produces Leslie Thomas 11/18/15
Export for printing Thomas Little 11/17/15
Desktop version Bob McLeod 11/17/15
I had the option to accept it but I accidently pressed cancel!!! Saroc Rocks 11/17/15
Chinese characters Luo...@gmail.com 11/15/15
Blank white screen Doug Bagg 11/12/15
Nothing happening after clicking on "Go" Aditya Jadhav 11/9/15
hebrew fonts shirly kamusher 11/9/15
PLUGIN NOT SUPPORTED Diana Corsini 10/29/15
Not Working Choo Choo Charlie 10/29/15
dúvidas de aplicação do pograma wordle Agostinha Corte 10/26/15
Providing a URL instead of text Vittore Casarosa 10/22/15
Fonts Miss Chanz 10/21/15
Duplicate words Mallory Stevens 10/21/15
Names in Wordles Manuela Möller 10/21/15
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