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Printing in Mac OS X Jonathan Feinberg 1/8/18
Java certificate issues Jonathan Feinberg 4/6/17
Word stemming peterhol 5/3/11
Welcome, Wordle Users Jonathan Feinberg 12/23/08
Can't save to public gallery Ashley Atkinson 1/17/18
Wordle aggravation barbara...@gmail.com 1/11/18
Can you please port the code from Java to Java Web Start or something else? Randy Britton 1/8/18
can not verify self signed deployment rule set jar - Java Kim QUT 12/11/17
I have been trying to work on Wordle for a few weeks and it doesn't work. cba...@region16ct.org 12/11/17
Why? j.will...@lafilm.edu 12/2/17
Question marks and "..." Dixon 11/15/17
What happen to the URL option? Audreyvp 11/3/17
How can I get Wordle to include specail characters? Pete Jones 11/3/17
No Wordles after update to Java 7-65 James R. Celoni 10/18/17
Re: [Wordle Users] Background Colour Jonathan Feinberg 10/10/17
Even Moar Advanced doesn't work Sam Chadwick 10/10/17
Meaning of word colours in a word cloud Mark Webb 8/23/17
New Samsung Chromebook, Wordle won't work angelan...@gmail.com 8/23/17
Error: I couldn't make sense of your data. Is it formatted like the exmaple on the advanced page. Ana Rosca 8/2/17
Importing Own Color Set Rt Klimax 8/2/17
Not working on my MACbook Lorraine 6/13/17
saved link no longer displaying wordle Laura-Jo Gartside 6/11/17
apostrophes suddenly don't work J. Hannibal 6/9/17
wordle doesn't work on windows 10 in Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Trina Jones 6/1/17
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