Wisconsin Miniprotesters

Hello, fellow Wisconsin Miniprotesters. Join us in participating in a form of curbside activism that delivers more message from less people. These boards will provide a wealth of resources, including how to make your own miniprotest on your favorite topic and where you can spread the word about it. This will also be a place to let your creative juices flow, creating clever sayings and cutting sign inscriptions that put all the damning pieces together for motorists to stew over as they sit in traffic.

We will Occupy Commute Routes, be the TRUTH TROOPS that will counteract millions in Citizens United cash with effective use of people power, progressive passion, and honorable presentation. Here's how miniprotesting works:

Unlike a generalized rally, miniprotesting uses a focused, running message conveyed through three main 30" x 40" signs displayed at eye level for motorists, each a block apart. These main signs are held waist high, while the folks surrounding them hold traditional overhead signs on the same theme. This presentation harkens back to the old Burma Shave roadside ads. Here's what we showed motorists in Santa Rosa, Cal. on tax day:

Corner #1: Isn't it Time to End the GOP's Tax Favoritism for the 1%?

Corner #2: GOP Still Backs Overseas Tax Havens, Loopholes Carved Out by Lobbyists

Corner #3: Exxon/Mobil, GE, B of A Pay ZERO Taxes. Those Billions Lost Could Fund Schools, Jobs, Roads, Police

Here's another main sign inscription set I'm readying for Wisconsin:

Corner #1:  Isn't it BLUE BLOOD WELFARE When the Ryan Budget Drops the Top Tax Tier Rate by 14.6%?

Corner #2:  Ryan Budget Gives Every Millionaire $146,000 For Each Million He Makes Every Year

Corner #3:  The Romney/Ryan Ticket's Support of Ryan Budget Proves They're Leading the 1% Privilege Posse

Now please bear in mind that what's important here is the METHOD not necessarily my SPECIFIC MESSAGES. What lies above are examples of the format; use this method to your heart's content towards progressive causes. This Google Group, and the Wisconsin Miniprotesters Meetup group that it is tied to, will be tremendous resources as we approach November. Signups for all miniprotests will be through the Meetup page:


And to delve deeper into the miniprotesting approach to curbside activism, both as a tactic and as part of an overall strategy, visit:


Here is a list of categories you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

PDF and MAIN SIGN INSCRIPTION SET ARCHIVES:  pdf files of miniprotesting main sign inscription sets, AND support sign suggestions, for proposed miniprotests
MINIPROTESTS BY REGION:  geographic collectivism; folks can connect by region in the state
MINIPROTESTS BY ISSUE:  folks can come together on issues, creating signage and sharing damning facts. Links to local organizations and their messaging IS ENCOURAGED. This will include miniprotesting main sign inscription sets not yet put into the pdf format.
TOPICS BY ORGANIZATION:  suggested topics introduced by organizations from MoveOn on down. These will be sorted by organization rather than issue.
EVENTS NOT IN THE MINIPROTESTING FORMAT:  there are only two places for these kinds of events, here, and on the regional pages
MINIPROTESTS BY US HOUSE RACE:  these threads focus on the five Republicans running for US House seats. If you've got damning facts, evidence of hypocrisy, lies, or corporate ties to get out there, this is where that will start. When specific actions are being considered, then migrate the details to the proper region thread

Although they may not be as photogenic as a major event that takes months of planning, miniprotesting dramatically increases the potential for participation by eliminating the barriers of time and cost for travel. They also eliminate any fear of police intervention or arrest because each group is too small to require a permit or other permission. And if a major event attracted 1200 people, those same folks could hold 100 minor events in separate locations covering a couple dozen clogged commute arteries of a major city PLUS dozens more in suburban and rural hubs. And rather than experiencing a sea of signs and noise when driving by a major event, the three-part messaging of minprotesting ads the power to convince through use of the Socratic method. And each miniprotest, if well positioned where traffic bogs down the most, can reach 150 people or more per hour.

So let's get on with the show. Feel the invigoration of the thumbs ups and friendly honks. Live out the miniprotesting motto:  On the Streets WE ARE HOPE.

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