Discussions for developing additional components to use with ASP.NET Web API.

See http://webapicontrib.github.com/

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Contributing a couple of small libs Bastian Eicher 4/15/16
New release: WebApiContrib.Formatting.Xlsx 2.0.0-pre Jordan Gray 10/28/15
Re-consolidate or leave separate? Ryan Riley 2/19/15
WebApiContrib.Formatting.Razor ready for new release! Ryan Riley 12/31/14
Siren API formatter Shaun Parsloe 11/14/14
WebApiContrib.Ioc.CastleWindsor Alexander Zeitler 10/22/14
Would an XlsxFormatter be welcome in WebApiContrib? Jordan Gray 9/22/14
Training Updates - Referenceglobe chandana omkaram 5/8/14
Damien's Slab tracing project and adding new projects to the organisation Jordan Gray 4/25/14
Fw: [WebApiContrib.Formatting.Jsonp] Can the formatter be used for non-WebApi Controllers (#27) Ryan Riley 2/25/14
Gitter chat rooms Filip W 1/29/14
Large Apps using Web API Chris Missal 12/27/13
WindsorResolver issues Alexander Zeitler 12/25/13
Push new version of WebApiContrib.Formatting.Razor Ryan Riley 12/9/13
Versioning Ryan Riley 11/21/13
Review copies available for “Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API” Sunitha Sharon Palanna 11/21/13
PullRequest for WebApiContrib.IoC.CastleWindsor Alexander Zeitler 10/23/13
WebApiContrib.Formatting.Html and Razor RC Packages Ryan Riley 10/14/13
Fwd: [NuGet Gallery Support Notification]:Upcoming ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages Release Chris Missal 10/8/13
Pull Request for JSONP package Alexander Zeitler 9/30/13
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