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ATTENTION: Do not ask questions here! Massimo Di Pierro 12/26/12
[pyDAL] Next "big" new features Giovanni Barillari 11/30/15
web2py -f option Niphlod 11/25/15
db.commit documentation Anthony 11/18/15
[pyDAL][FYI] performance notice Giovanni Barillari 11/10/15
recfile.py hits Windows filename length limit Kiran Subbaraman 11/4/15
JWT: maybe a better incarnation of "api tokens" Niphlod 11/2/15
Should we drop the timezone option from IS_DATE? Anthony 10/25/15
My vision for web2py theming Leonel Câmara 10/19/15
iterselect bug? Tim Richardson 10/19/15
Stop supporting python 2.6 Vinicius Assef 10/14/15
Naming URL as in weppy Vinicius Assef 10/14/15
[web2py-dev] password udpate by get_or_create_user() Richard 10/13/15
ready for a new web2py version? Massimo Di Pierro 10/7/15
Who is in charge of Python Wiki Webframeworks page? Vinicius Assef 9/30/15
[pyDAL] 15.09 (rescheduling milestone) Giovanni Barillari 9/23/15
Should we drop $('.hidden', target).hide() from web2py.js? Anthony 9/21/15
[pyDAL][curiosity/proposal] why Set doesn't have a .where method? Giovanni Barillari 9/21/15
Re: [web2py] Closes #1059: get `response.view` from the environment (#1060) Vinicius Assef 9/15/15
PR #1060 closes issue #1059 Vinicius Assef 9/15/15
we should add support for this right away! Massimo Di Pierro 9/13/15
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