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Hello and welcome to the Washington, DC PHP Developers' Group mailing list.

Although the vast majority of our activity is on the mailing list, there are a number of events that happen each month.  Some are strictly professional with a formal presentation, question and answer time, and a general discussion on problems and topics on PHP.  Others are a little less structured and consist of DC-local technology people getting together over a beer and some nachos to discuss the woes and fun of a technology career. In addition to the events, there is a Developer Community. This site aggregates blog posts from community members and also has a directory of companies and individuals using PHP.

There is only one requirement to join the list/group:  Don't spam us.  Trust me, you wouldn't like the results.

If you want to post jobs, there are two requirements: To make your job posting more effective, consider these strong suggestions:
These things will make everyone's life easier.

For easy filter/identification purposes, the subject line of all messages has "[dcphp-dev]" (without quotes) as a prefix. Job postings will also have "[job]" added to the prefix. If you are posting a job, simply begin your subject with
[job]. The [dcphp-dev] portion will be automatically added.

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[Job] Hiring: PHP (CMS) Developers for NIH project Waseem Chaudhry 2/24/16
[job] Full-Time PHP Developer Position (Foggy Bottom-DC) Kayla McWalters 2/23/16
[job] Drupal, Reston Ray Paseur 2/18/16
[job] Drupal Developer - Rockville, MD Daniel Swift 2/18/16
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