Welcome to the Walking and Bicycling Count Discussion Group!  Here we can share experience on counting bicycling and walking - the who, what, where, why and how of count programs.  To start off, please share what a little about your count program or pose a question to the group. 

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Fwd: 2015 Maine BikePed Count Summit Follow-up Krista Nordback 11/2/15
Correction Factors and Scaling with permanent counters VeloCityPlanner 10/20/15
Fwd: Register now for IBPI webinar on pedestrian counting Krista Nordback 8/6/15
CLMPO (Eugene-Springfield, Oregon) BIke Traffic Data Portal Josh Roll 6/10/15
Fwd: Addition for your counting website Krista Nordback 6/9/15
Inductive loop testing preliminary results Krista Nordback 3/26/15
RE: Mid-Week vs. Whole Week Data Andrew Pelsma 1/30/15
Mid-Week vs. Whole Week Data VeloCityPlanner 12/18/14
Fwd: 2014 Bike-Ped counts - Wilsonville Oregon and National Bike-Ped documentation project Krista Nordback 11/20/14
Fwd: FW: ORcycle Bicycle Crowdsourcing outreach Krista Nordback 11/13/14
Update on the Online Non-motorized Traffic Count Archive Project Krista Nordback 11/10/14
Fwd: Survey Link Krista Nordback 9/26/14
Fwd: CounterPoint - Where Everyone Counts Krista Nordback 9/23/14
Hello to the group - introductions bruce.moody 9/18/14
Vermont AOT Sumner, James 9/11/14
Vermont AOT -- Bike Peds Counts james....@state.vt.us 9/11/14
Try CounterPoint: New Free App for Counting Bikes, Peds and More Anders Swanson 8/8/14
Bicycle Count Technologies tested in Australia Krista Nordback 7/10/14
Sidewalk riding oliverbsmith4 6/3/14
Fwd: 2013 Traffic Monitoring Guide Training Krista Nordback 6/2/14
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