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in order to use this list, you need to become a member. This list is dedicated to older models of Makerbots, with the assumption that operators already acquired some of the skills to operate their bots. General questions can be asked on the makerbot mailing list. But if you happen to find an old model in the attic, and need help to get started, feel free to ask.

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Thing-O-Matic Heater Board MacGyver 5/11/17
CupcakeCNC stopps for short periods Paul Höfler 10/28/16
Filament intermittently not feeding Moby Disk 10/25/16
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ABP with Dual Stepstruder MK7? John P 7/28/16
Thing-O-Matic bearings John P 6/18/16
Taking Makerbot Cupcake CNC back to operation MCHL NWK 6/10/16
Setting Extruder Speed in Sailfish Paul Höfler 6/9/16
Resurrecting a Cupcake Tim Coble 6/2/16
Thingomatic mk6+ heater cartridge Dustin Rael 4/10/16
Where to get 3g5d Shield Paul Höfler 3/8/16
ReplicatorG issues Mike Schroeder 1/25/16
Re: Extruder Heater on MK7 Joseph Chiu (Toybuilder) 1/24/16
Carbon fiber PLA Dan Laskowski 12/26/15
Going crazy configurating extruder settings for TOM, sailfish and acceleration Daniel Springwald 12/25/15
Simplify 3D with Thing-O-Matic Mk/7 setup? MacGyver 12/20/15
1280 to Mega 2560 Thomas Parker 12/13/15
HBP on an TOM 5 years later stripped pcb traced Erwin Ried 10/25/15
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