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vim mapping calls xmodmap to swap : with ; in a keyboard with dead keys for accents Renato Fabbri 5/22/18
copy word 5/22/18
vi commands 5/21/18
Who maintains cobol.vim? wexfordpress 5/20/18
Vim 8.1 is released! Bram Moolenaar 5/18/18
My vim is not working properly srlhyo 5/18/18
gf normal command to jump to specific line in file? Renato Fabbri 5/17/18
Help on Interpreting profiles (while loop vs recursive function) Lifepillar 5/17/18
selfcomp r001 (made with bare Vim and :TOhtml) Renato Fabbri 5/16/18
change terminal colors Renato Fabbri 5/15/18
reload ftdetect on the fly Renato Fabbri 5/15/18
autocmd terminal set signcolumn=no M Kelly 5/15/18
options window ignored John Little 5/15/18
100000ii<esc> Eli the Bearded 5/15/18
terminal - back to terminal from normal ? M Kelly 5/14/18
Putting syntax sync fromstart in ~/.vimrc Guy Rutenberg 5/14/18
mapping <C-x><C-c> ? M Kelly 5/14/18
netrw error window Windows 10 to z/OS "command OPTS aborted -- no options supported for UTF8" Eric Rossman 5/14/18
vim quit except when terminal(s) active M Kelly 5/11/18
Supporting xterm-bracketed-paste Matteo Landi 5/11/18
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