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Powerline without commandline? Benny Powers 7:03 PM
How to syntax highlight only part of the string? Igor Forca 1/19/17
Control redraws John Passaro 1/18/17
A mapping with a manual insert mode in the middle Zeke Blackwell 1/18/17
Undead buffer: gets deleted but respawns on session launch Sylvia Ganush 1/18/17
mksession saves closed buffers when it should not Felipe Vieira 1/18/17
Channel callbacks randomly fail to fire in Vim for win32 Kay Z. 1/18/17
How to prevent asterisk key from advancing to next match when pressed Slartibartfast 1/17/17
Set cusror position from inside function Tihomir Mitkov 1/17/17
Having certain lines readonly Tihomir Mitkov 1/17/17
Vim 8 command line history not working Grahame Blackwood 1/17/17
man.vim and ansi escape characters Anders Thøgersen 1/16/17
How to modify the trigger key in the snip mate? Zhe Lee 1/15/17
Command-line Window crashing Vim after v8.0.0159 Matthew Desjardins 1/13/17
Use of the encoding pragma is deprecated at (eval 7) line 3. harvey 1/13/17
new err msg in vim 8 re: setting history size L A Walsh 1/11/17
Inconsistent behavior when changing inside of a text object. J.F. 1/11/17
Problem with redraw mrjn 1/10/17
VIM 8.0.69 not honoring "backupdir" and "directory" Kyle Libbert 1/10/17
How to do block pasting? hiwa 1/10/17
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