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Create Autocompletion snippets for Custom Code Amit Christian 7:08 AM
managing dotfiles and plugins on remote server Luis Henriquez-Perez 8/25/16
Annoying "smart" indentation otajuun 8/25/16
Is there way to show search matches in a separate window similar to Acrobat? Peng Yu 8/25/16
how to make the dot command repeat the command in the plugin ? 李哲 8/24/16
French documentation gone AWOL Tony Mechelynck 8/23/16
Vim 8 pre-announcement Bram Moolenaar 8/23/16
Change color of no line Ni Va 8/23/16
Changing the defaults with Vim 8 Bram Moolenaar 8/21/16
visual mode detection rameo 8/21/16
Disabling arrow key in insert mode Thomas R. 8/19/16
Help with nmap repeat dvd7e 8/19/16
what does &<CR> mean in the vim command? Length Power 8/18/16
use cases for <EOL>? Xavier Noria 8/17/16
Selecting multiple tags Axel Bender 8/17/16
symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: boot_DynaLoader justrajdeep 8/15/16
How does one load plugin-specific settings after a plugin with the new packages feature? Ben Fritz 8/13/16
rStructuredText Autocomplete in Vim Amit Christian 8/12/16
Wrong vim color syntax Willem D'Haese 8/11/16
Opening file as arbitrary type vtadipatri 8/11/16
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