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Sparkle logs output to Terminal after launching mvim Matthew Fallshaw 4/20/17
Vim charity: financial report 2016 Bram Moolenaar 4/8/17
Getting started with vim: is MacVim == Gvim? 4/4/17
Getting Started Robert Koehler 3/22/17
MacOS Sierra (10.12.1) crashes while using Vim John Henning 3/14/17
Vim 25 birthday presentation Bram Moolenaar 12/19/16
Anyone else having troubles building with Xcode 8.2? todd fukinaka 12/17/16
Vim calendar for 2017 Bram Moolenaar 12/10/16
MacVim + Anaconda Python3 support Richard Randolph 11/25/16
Updated Vim 8.0 available with 69 patches Bram Moolenaar 11/6/16
netrw not working on MacVim 8.0 vdoma 10/26/16
Plugins, Bundle, Autoload, etc - Installing for used with MacVim GUI Aron Rightious 10/23/16
reduce space around filenames in tabs Richard Mitchell 10/21/16
new tab bar style in 8.0 (build 110) Brad Grant 9/19/16
Vim 8.0 released! Bram Moolenaar 9/13/16
Vim 7.4y ready for beta testing Bram Moolenaar 9/6/16
Vimfest Berlin Bram Moolenaar 9/1/16
Selecting text via keyboard Edward Ned Harvey (vim) 8/29/16
Vim 7.4x ready for beta testing Bram Moolenaar 8/28/16
Does "When MacVim launches: Check for Updates" do anything? Vikas Chauhan 8/21/16
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