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Snapshot 74 for OS X 10.10 Douglas Drumond 4:13 AM
Debugging crash? George V. Reilly 3/1/15
MacVim maintenance björn 2/28/15
Newbie question re permissions installing MacVim scazzy 2/23/15
Variable values not being set from .vimrc/.gvimrc when starting from Finder Rich Hammett 2/20/15
xcode: storyboard and XIB/NIB the same for dragging and dropping? Yuma Decaux 2/17/15
Vim charity: financial report 2014 Bram Moolenaar 2/17/15
MacVim snapshot 72 for OS X 10.9 björn 1/26/15
Macvim unable to open certain files Aaron Dudek 1/21/15
Focus new window when started with gvim from terminal Jeff Rosenberger 1/19/15
MacVim nearly 200 patches behind Vim 1/19/15
MacVim and $PATH Wes Baker 1/14/15
issue with voice over not reading content of window anymore Yuma Decaux 1/14/15
inconsistent behavior of getchar() in gui macvim Ken Deeter 1/7/15
yosemite compatible build? Yuma Decaux 1/4/15
Disable GUI Errors Alexander Dunn 1/1/15
Unable to Build vim on 10.10.1, can't find ncurses library Alexander Dunn 12/31/14
Vim 2015 calendar available Bram Moolenaar 12/19/14
Different Option-Key Combination in MacVim and Other Applications Yongwei Wu 12/17/14
vim-pandoc, terminal vim, homebrew, and x11 GornLives 12/14/14
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