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[bug] invalid memory access with <C-"> in string Dominique Pelle 2:52 PM
[vim/vim] Very large files erased immediately on open (#890) Matt McMinn 11:55 AM
[vim/vim] echomsg left dangling (#891) Francisco Lopes 10:24 AM
Re: [vim/vim] Updated runtime files. (802a0d9) mbrunnen 7:53 AM
[vim/vim] Odd spaces in (#889) ptzz 7:36 AM
[patch] Input-waiting problem on solaris Ozaki Kiichi 6/28/16
[vim] markdown: Nested liste items marked as markdownCodeBlock (#477) ptzz 6/28/16
[vim] python pep8 code style (#483) vasyapupkin123456 6/28/16
[vim/vim] Automatic regular expression engine selection matches incorrectly on long line (#867) fritzophrenic 6/28/16
Patch 7.4.1967 Bram Moolenaar 6/28/16
[vim] Arglist too long for make unixall on HP NonStop (#531) Randall S. Becker 6/28/16
[vim] not fit vimgdb7.4 (#535) xushaobo 6/28/16
[vim] string() does not work correctly for new v:vars (#582) Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov 6/28/16
[vim] jsonencode() silently converts recursive containers into empty (#586) Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov 6/28/16
[vim] jsondecode() parses incorrect JSON (#593) Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov 6/28/16
[vim] Java syntax color for multi line comment didn't work the right way (#610) 杜宇 6/28/16
[vim] Missing comma before `but` in assert messages (#626) Nikolai Aleksandrovich Pavlov 6/28/16
[vim] c syntax highlighting issue (#702) havetodothis 6/28/16
[vim/vim] Implement EVENT_DIRCHANGED and EVENT_DIRCHANGEDLOCAL and ... (#888) allen haim 6/28/16
[vim/vim] Realloc memory not freed after usage (memory leak), and extra (possible redundant code) (#795) David Silveiro 6/28/16
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