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Wish: <range> Andy Wokula 11:16 AM
[vim/vim] Ctrl-X fails to decrement some hex values (#2746) Hengyang Zhao 11:03 AM
[vim/vim] Change Vim's terminal colors when termguicolors is set (#2353) Lifepillar 10:12 AM
doc nit redux toothpik 9:55 AM
[vim/vim] [Proposal] built-in function mode(1) impovement (#2745) h_east 9:54 AM
[vim/vim] use xdiff to implement internal diff algorithm (#2732) Christian Brabandt 9:50 AM
doc nit toothpik 8:53 AM
[vim/vim] :mkview adds `file !command` for terminal windows (#2744) Jason Felice 8:06 AM
[vim/vim] Weird interaction between `'virtualedit'` and i_CTRL-G_j (#2743) Rich 3:21 AM
[vim/vim] Fix TextChanged event false triggering (#2742) h_east 3/22/18
[vim/vim] add small inner trim function (#1280) Bukn 3/22/18
Patch 8.0.1630 Bram Moolenaar 3/22/18
[vim/vim] Only spell-check comments and strings in Inno Setup files (#2739) VZ 3/22/18
Add history in Find&Replace dialog bee 3/22/18
term-dump differences Christian Brabandt 3/22/18
[vim/vim] Fix: Use sysconf() instead of getpagesize() (#2741) ichizok 3/22/18
Patch 8.0.1629 Bram Moolenaar 3/22/18
[vim/vim] shut up on mingw (#2740) Christian Brabandt 3/22/18
Patch 8.0.1628 Bram Moolenaar 3/22/18
Patch 8.0.1627 Bram Moolenaar 3/22/18
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