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[vim/vim] Fail to detect the windows position when start a job in vim (#2559) Wang Shidong 4:40 PM
[vim/vim] New & improved Pike syntax colouring. (#2558) Stephen R. van den Berg 1:42 PM
[vim/vim] reg * System clipboard not working - MacOSX (#2528) Lyle Cheatham 12:01 PM
[vim/vim] tags: take into account optional "line" field (#1057) Daniel Hahler 10:59 AM
Taking over the maintenance of nsis.vim Ken Takata 5:13 AM
Is Bram OK ?? Wei Zhang 5:01 AM
[vim/vim] netrw tree view 'gn' mapping doesn't work properly (#2557) Suewon Bahng 1/15/18
[vim/vim] Pulling out an empty range from a string json encodes as "null" instead of like an empty string (#2556) Nate Bosch 1/15/18
[vim/vim] textwidth / column number is misinterpreted when using linebreak and wrap (#2555) Keith Smiley 1/15/18
[vim/vim] fix typo (#2554) Nicolas Dermine 1/15/18
[vim/vim] diff: allow to align lines manually (#2545) Daniel Hahler 1/15/18
[vim/vim] vim 8.0.95 (ubuntu package) doesn't do English in multi-language installs (#2553) Rob A 1/15/18
[vim/vim] WIP: Fix passed timeout with backwards searchpair (#2552) Daniel Hahler 1/15/18
[vim/vim] :%s/[\n\r]//gn outputs an incorrect(?) number of matches (#2551) lkintact 1/14/18
[vim/vim] Build from source linking to Anaconda python fails (#2549) Ben Lindsay 1/14/18
[vim/vim] Reversing a visual selection (#2550) ForTheReallys 1/14/18
[patch] remove redundant 'if' conditions Dominique Pelle 1/14/18
[patch] Make :find's tab-completion append slash for directories Genki Sky 1/13/18
[vim/vim] [netrw v162h] gx does not bring up the url in a browser (#1386) xc1427 1/13/18
[vim/vim] ch_sendraw with very large strings can cause deadlock (#2548) Nate Bosch 1/13/18
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