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[Patch] Python syntax: avoid highlighting attributes as builtins Carlos Pita 4:52 AM
Re: Any automatic bracket-insertion plugins not breaking undo? Christian Brabandt 8/2/15
[Patch] Visual mode movements for python.vim Carlos Pita 8/2/15
Issue 183 in vim: "[[2;2R" printed in messages area on BufEnter shell command 8/2/15
Issue 390 in vim: "[[2;2R" printed in buffer area on vim startup 8/2/15
[patch] fixed access to invalid memory when doing :exe "sc" Dominique Pelle 8/2/15
[patch] Detect bash_completion files as bash James McCoy 8/2/15
[patch] updated syntax file for DataScript (*.ds) Dominique Pelle 8/2/15
Updated vim translations (po files) for French and Esperanto Dominique Pelle 8/2/15
[Bug] Indentation of C++ constructor with initializer list James McCoy 8/1/15
[patch] Key input of vim.exe problems with Windows10 Nobuhiro Takasaki 8/1/15
E749 on switching to buffer itchyny 8/1/15
[patch] fixed invalid memory in vim-7.4.803 when doing :fun X( Dominique Pelle 7/31/15
[PATCH] improve Objective-C filetype detection sakamoto 7/31/15
Issue 389 in vim: 'linebreak' breaks c% if the last visual selection was block 7/31/15
Patch 7.4.782 Bram Moolenaar 7/31/15
Patch to add the :cdo and :ldo commands 7/31/15
[RFC/patch] Expose information about character searches (f, F, t, T) in VimL James McCoy 7/31/15
[patches] fix some coverity issues Christian Brabandt 7/30/15
[proposal] options.txt (help file) improvements Arnaud Decara 7/30/15
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