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Compiling Vim7.4 with python feature fails Ni Va 10/12/15
[vim] Netrw doesn't enter the directory symbolic link (#445) yurivict 10/12/15
[vim] AVR assembler syntax file (#439) Marius Ghita 10/12/15
[vim] VIM unable to find iconv dll in windows (+iconv/dyn option) (#440) louarr 10/12/15
Re: Some changes to syntax/vhdl.vim Daniel Kho 10/11/15
netrw on windows+shellslash mattn 10/11/15
[Bug] Indentation of C++ constructor with initializer list James McCoy 10/11/15
-complete=customlist,XXX doesn't work for command A123 mattn 10/10/15
remove feature xterm-save Christian Brabandt 10/10/15
[Patch] Errors when passing -s to vimrun Cam Sinclair 10/10/15
[vim] Error detected while processing /usr/local/Cellar/vim/7.4.712_1/share/vim/vim74/ftoff.vim: line 11: (#443) Aaron Goshine 10/10/15
[vim] Buffer name resolution and simplification (#444) memeplex 10/10/15
[patch] To run an external command, the prompt collapse in Vim.exe Nobuhiro Takasaki 10/10/15
MzScheme support on Windows is broken tux. 10/9/15
Re: [vim] Update various runtime files. (ca63501) James McCoy 10/8/15
[vim] Error detected while processing function <SNR>113_NetrwBrowseChgDir: (#442) Aaron Goshine 10/8/15
Failed to build vim on Windows with DYNAMIC_PYTHON=yes and DYNAMIC_PYTHON3=no Masatoshi SUGIURA 10/8/15
[vim] Double quote is not interpreted as comment (#441) Nguyen Tien Thanh 10/7/15
[vim] Add support for backtrace on vim debug sessions (#433) Alberto Fanjul 10/7/15
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