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[vim/vim] job_stop cannot kill process tree on windows. (#1184) Linwei 6:15 AM
Vim 8.x "Diff with Vim" right click not working Sebastian YEPES 4:53 AM
[vim/vim] Vim exits non-zero in ex mode when there was a (caught) exception (#1048) Daniel Hahler 4:35 AM
updated documentation issue #1180 Christian Brabandt 3:26 AM
[vim/vim] ttymouse is not properly recognized for tmux (#1097) Hugo Osvaldo Barrera 2:50 AM
[vim/vim] % expands to file in previous tab with TabNew (#1180) Eric Nielsen 2:33 AM
[vim/vim] gvim menu items do not work on remote x11 (#1187) Steven Fusco 2:16 AM
Typo in the manual LCD 47 10/20/16
[vim/vim] Right-click pasting from PuTTY on Windows 10 (#1188) Trevor Sullivan 10/20/16
[patch] NUL used instead of NULL Dominique Pelle 10/20/16
[vim/vim] taglist func can not report tag list after upgrade vim 8.0.45 (#1185) haolongzhangm 10/20/16
[vim/vim] Diff mode fails to highlight this difference (#1186) esiegerman 10/20/16
[vim] :g in diff mode is slow (#603) 依云 10/20/16
[vim/vim] add Github Issue Template (#1183) Christian Brabandt 10/20/16
[vim/vim] Optimize HiDPI Screen on GVim Windows (#1059) Liu Yixuan 10/20/16
Re: [vim/vim] add Github Issue Template (#1182) Christian Brabandt 10/19/16
[vim/vim] Ctrl-A decrements numbers if 'octal' is removed from nrformats (#787) Chris AtLee 10/19/16
[vim/vim] Loss of scope data when using nested partials/funcref (#812) Andrey Gavrikov 10/19/16
[vim/vim] Vim GTK+ 2 interface fails to build, while the GTK+ 3 interface builds fine (#790) Brenton Horne 10/19/16
[vim/vim] Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV (#866) leihuxi 10/19/16
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