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[vim/vim] Also free qf_last_bufname in ll_new_list (#1729) Daniel Hahler 3:42 AM
"nnoremap <C-[> g<C-]>" trigger tag-searching on startup Yubin Ruan 1:10 AM
vim fail to execute some commands because of ordering in the script Yubin Ruan 1:10 AM
Why are there zh_CN.po and zh_CN.UTF-8.po at the same time? 依云 1:10 AM
Patch 8.0.0606 Bram Moolenaar 5/27/17
Patch 8.0.0590 Bram Moolenaar 5/27/17
Patch 8.0.0605 Bram Moolenaar 5/27/17
Re: [vim] Ruby syntax highlighting w/ either cursorline or relativenumber causes lag from high CPU usage (#282) Joe Pestro 5/27/17
[vim/vim] quickfix: might use incorrect buffer through qf_last_bufname after bwipeout (#1676) Daniel Hahler 5/27/17
[vim/vim] Unset qf_last_bufref in qf_init_ext (#1728) Daniel Hahler 5/27/17
[vim/vim] Change the translations to show a valid command that exits vim (#1727) Alvaro Garcia 5/27/17
Re: [vim/vim] Include icon in Windows context menu (#249) orev 5/27/17
[vim/vim] gvim menu items do not work on remote x11 (#1187) Steven Fusco 5/26/17
[vim/vim] There may be memory leak in python-buffer. (#1726) Yggdroot 5/26/17
[vim/vim] VIM should respect SIGINT (#1720) lostmsu 5/25/17
[vim/vim] VIM Editor - TOhtml is not capturing the word differences (#1725) sandosh143 5/25/17
Fold closes when pasting David Larson 5/25/17
[vim/vim] PayPal link in documentation doesn't work (#1724) Dan Church 5/25/17
[vim/vim] Fix character class detection for NFA regexp (#1703) James McCoy 5/24/17
[vim/vim] Can we do something about "How to exit the Vim editor?" (#1719) Roy Wellington Ⅳ 5/24/17
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