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This is main forum for issues related to Village Telco and the Mesh Potato.  For more information consult the Village Telco website at or the wiki at  You can also send questions to

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DuNDi for asterisk on MP02 Yonas G. Engidawork 7/23/15
experience with 5GHz USB radio in ad-hoc mode? Carlos Rey-Moreno 7/22/15
Re: single radio mesh tlg 7/22/15 domain available in 5 days.. Sjur Eivind Usken 7/20/15
DHCP server giving wrong default router address Manfred Takondwa Makawa 7/16/15
SIP behaving strangely on Mesh Potato 2s with telephone Manfred Takondwa Makawa 7/16/15
Basic mesh network using SECN-3_0-RC2 7/6/15
2 mesh un 1 MP01 Jorge Gomez 6/27/15
Fwd: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [OT] support batman-based networks in Argentina Steve Song 6/19/15
Fwd: Secondary IP tlg 6/18/15
Features SECN Darío G. Díaz 6/11/15
Fwd: Managing mesh network tlg 6/9/15
Re: Testing WR841 Ver 9 firmware tlg 6/8/15
Re: Testing WR841 firmware tlg 6/8/15
ACM DEV 2015 CFP Elizabeth Belding 5/27/15
Mesh Network in Cells Darío G. Díaz 5/14/15
No batman nodes in range .. Vusumzi Ndzengu 5/13/15
using verizon 551L usb modem with SECN Quentin Lindh 5/9/15
VT RACHEL wgibbons52 5/8/15
Indoor Propagation Model Venugopal Kapre 4/30/15
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