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This is main forum for issues related to Village Telco and the Mesh Potato.  For more information consult the Village Telco website at or the wiki at  You can also send questions to

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Starting All Over Again Leonard Payne 7/12/14
difference between MP01 and MP phakamani mavela 7/12/14
Unable to execute an order over ssh with System() app in asterisk Carlos Rey-Moreno 7/9/14
MP02 with external aerial socket Leonard Payne 7/9/14
SHipping Leonard Payne 7/8/14
setting wifi Vusumzi Ndzengu 7/8/14
VillageTelco firmware for Huawei ADSL gateways (HG655b, HG658, HG510, HG520s) ? Răzvan Sandu 7/8/14
Leveraging VT tech to help with current refugee situation in South Texas Andrés Leopoldo Pacheco Sanfuentes 7/3/14
MP 2.0 Hardware sub-Community Steve Song 6/26/14
Transparent Handoff Breno Jacinto 6/26/14
What to use for long links, 30-50km ? Valent Turkovic 6/26/14
ipv6 on nanostation m2 Vusumzi Ndzengu 6/26/14
ping google bad adress Vusumzi Ndzengu 6/26/14
install secn Vusumzi Ndzengu 6/25/14
failsmode recovery Vusumzi Ndzengu 6/17/14
SECN 2.0RC6 for MP01? Peter Retief 6/16/14
TDMA protocol on mac80211 Venkat Chimata 6/13/14
Cannot find Files to install Afrimesh Dashboard Douglas Keari 6/10/14
opkg download failed Vusumzi Ndzengu 6/9/14
conecting laptop to mesh liz 6/9/14
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