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This is main forum for issues related to Village Telco and the Mesh Potato.  For more information consult the Village Telco website at or the wiki at  You can also send questions to

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CsipSimple sms Functionalty Using MP2 sylvester.chibamo 11/18/15
Microsoft launches fund to improve access to affordable Internet in underserved markets Steve Song 11/16/15
MP2 to be Classroom Router sylvester.chibamo 11/13/15
Flash NanoStation Loco M2 sylvester.chibamo 11/11/15
Re: secn3 for tp-link 841 V10 and 842 V2 tlg 11/6/15
question about spud. Dante Torres 11/2/15
Multi FXO Tallal Almessairy 10/23/15
Mesh potato 2.0 as a wireless repeater Paolo Notari 10/21/15
Questions. Dante Torres 10/12/15
three of the MeshPotato 2.0 can be shipped to you for free Sjur Eivind Usken 10/6/15
Fwd: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [ [OpenWrt-Devel] the cerowrt project's letter to the fcc about the wifi lockdown is nearly final] Steve Song 10/6/15
Question Mesh Potato 2.0 - Phone w/ external antenna to PBX and Server Markus 10/3/15
username and password. Dante Torres 9/28/15
Howto install SECN 3 firmware on TP-Link MR3020 zoram 9/28/15
Building shared wifi infrastructure from home wifi in Phnom Penh Rithy RAY 9/27/15
Projects in Kenya or highlands of Panama Steve Smith 9/22/15
Bringing affordable communications to communities in South Africa: Zenzeleni Networks 23rd @UWC Carlos Rey-Moreno 9/22/15
Project funding available from Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) Steve Song 9/3/15
Fwd: [TIER] Our non-profit needs your help! Steve Song 9/2/15
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