We are a group of students at UT Austin who meet biweekly to discuss academic papers in topics related to feature learning : deep and recurrent networks, sparsity, representation and encoding of information.

Papers: http://goo.gl/7voyTG

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deep rl for chess Leif Johnson 9/17/15
Meeting: Monday, Sept 14, 11am, GDC 3.516 Stephen Roller 9/13/15
okay I'll take charge Stephen Roller 9/11/15
passing the torch (/flare?) Leif Johnson 8/30/15
Uncertainty estimates in deep models Karl Pichotta 7/7/15
next meeting on friday Leif Johnson 4/12/15
Fresh off arXiv... Dinesh Jayaraman 3/17/15
deep mind nature paper at tomorrow's RL meeting Leif Johnson 3/12/15
next meeting this friday Leif Johnson 3/10/15
deep mind nature paper Leif Johnson 3/2/15
paper for this week Leif Johnson 2/27/15
first meeting on Friday! Leif Johnson 2/16/15
meeting time this semester Leif Johnson 1/29/15
meeting for the spring Leif Johnson 1/15/15
meeting this week Leif Johnson 12/4/14
long paper for meeting this friday, 10am Leif Johnson 11/10/14
meeting this Friday Leif Johnson 10/29/14
Perhaps of Interest to the group Matthew Hausknecht 10/22/14
meeting this week Leif Johnson 10/16/14
interesting talk on Friday Leif Johnson 10/6/14
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