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Scala Macros Starter Project Tim Harper 10/2/13
October 2013 Meeting Jeff Shutt 9/30/13
Study group meeting time Tim Harper 9/23/13
ScalaFun Study Group Notes Tim Harper 9/19/13
Test Patterns in Scala published Erik 9/14/13
Functional Programming in Scala - Study Group Tim Harper 9/13/13
[JOB] - Backend Scala Software Engineer Tim Harper 9/13/13
Presentation proposal: Scala Macros Tim Harper 9/12/13
Meeting, Test Patterns Activator Erik 9/7/13
October meeting Helena 9/4/13
Wednesday Lab Erik 9/4/13
Upcoming free Functional and Reactive programming courses from Martin Odersky, Erik Meijer, and Roland Kuhn James Gates 9/3/13
Next meeting date? Tim Harper 9/3/13
Help with a compile error scott lewis 8/30/13
Scala Books 50% Off Jeff Shutt 8/30/13
September Topic, Test Patterns Activator Lab Erik 8/27/13
PNWScala Call for Proposals Thomas Lockney 8/21/13
Serial Comms with Scala Erik 8/13/13
August 2013 Meeting Jeff Shutt 8/7/13
Feedback is appreciated Jeff Shutt 7/25/13
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