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How do you mock scala call-by name in Mockito or any other mocking library mohan 11/3/15
We're hiring a Scala developer! matt.po...@spingo.com 9/21/15
Update: Firefox OS Workshop (with Phones in Hand) AJ ONeal 5/9/15
Firefox OS Workshop (with Phones in Hand) AJ ONeal 4/14/15
Code Retreat Kevin Edwards 4/10/15
Anyone playing with or using Akka's Cluster Sharding Jason Law 3/21/15
Scala Exercises Rafa Paradela 3/2/15
Loaded Hackathon (Today) Friday & Saturday AJ ONeal 1/30/15
We are looking for Scala talent Mary Frances Hunter 11/25/14
Communications going forward Jeff Shutt 10/15/14
Monthly informal scala lunch alvaro 10/14/14
Lambda Lounge Extra Meetup Tomorrow Night Kevin Edwards 9/29/14
October 2014 Meeting Jeff Shutt 9/29/14
Getting Involved Jeff Shutt 9/15/14
Anorm Jeff Shutt 9/7/14
James talk recording Aaron A 8/22/14
September 2014 Meeting Jeff Shutt 8/21/14
Re: Scala/Play/Angular Gig Erik 8/2/14
August 2014 Meeting Jeff Shutt 7/30/14
The Room is Done. And it's Beautiful. Kevin Edwards 7/4/14
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