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[IMPORTANT] - API UPDATE - HTTP Access Decommission - PLEASE READ Greg Avola [Untappd] 11/28/14
IMPORTANT: Migrate your apps to https:// - Migration Requried Greg Avola [Untappd] 8/21/14
Reminder - Migrate your Apps to V4 Greg Avola [Untappd] 12/27/12
News: API V3 Removal Schedule Greg Avola [Untappd] 12/16/12
API Announcement: Version 4 Beta is Now Live! Greg Avola [Untappd] 10/9/12
Random Time Outs / Resets When Exchanging OAuth Code for Token Matt Topper 5/30/17
Untappd URL scheme not working on iOS Jørgen Abrahamsen 4/26/17
beer_list limited to 25 results in v4/brewery/info/xxxx call. Raine Lightner 4/11/17
Need a developer to make me an Untappd API Julie Jones 10/7/16
On A Roll badge jordan romano 7/1/16
Amsterdam Beer Week Badge jordan romano 5/28/16
Incorrect Monthly Stats Greg Fiumara 4/2/16
Using multiple devices and OAuth Greg Fiumara 3/31/16
New APIs from Untappd for iOS v2.5 Greg Fiumara 2/9/16
Oauth and Android Jose 1/20/16
[IMPORTANT] Untappd News on Merger Greg Avola [Untappd] 1/15/16
Television Ticker Jesse Helm 12/5/15
/beer/info Method Expanded Greg Avola [Untappd] 12/3/15
Multiple callback URLs? Andrew Herrick 9/26/15
Remote Connection for all API calls Chris Sweigard 8/9/15
Oauth outage? Chris Sweigard 7/25/15
Photo upload Sami Rajala 5/24/15
How does one search for Nearby Breweries via the API? Raine Lightner 4/25/15
Checkin/add failing with invalid_param Chris Wayne 3/13/15
Untappd API Auth HTTPS Rafael Tauil 3/5/15
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