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This is a mailing list about unhosted web apps. See http://unhosted.org/ for more resources.

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We also unorganize an unconference around unhosted web apps (yearly around 9 September, near Prague, CZ),
and #unhosted on freenode  is chat room about the same topic.

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collaborative apps elf Pavlik 8/18/13
Run Meteor applications as unhosted applications Mi Tar 8/17/13
remotestorage.js v0.8.0, microblogging app, tosbackback, and pilgrimage time! Michiel B. de Jong 8/11/13
hull.io Nick Jennings 8/5/13
Bugs in the remote storage protocol Melvin Carvalho 7/30/13
Re: [unhosted] state of privacy Jorin Vogel 7/26/13
Fwd: LDP 1.0 editor drafts ready for Last Call Melvin Carvalho 7/24/13
Re: [unhosted] state of privacy Jorin Vogel 7/24/13
state of privacy Jorin Vogel 7/23/13
Fwd: LevelGraph and JSONLD elf Pavlik 7/17/13
help in writing a sql query sirisha chigurupati 7/9/13
Episode 3: Setting up your personal server Michiel B. de Jong 7/8/13
New plans for remoteStorage Michiel B. de Jong 7/4/13
Sockethub v0.0.6 released! Nick Jennings 6/27/13
Dead links on the apps page Sébastien Nicouleaud 6/23/13
Peer5/ShareFest:: Web based p2p file sharing using WebRTC Data Channels API tomByrer 6/23/13
Dropbox planned to be added a PRISM provider Melvin Carvalho 6/12/13
remotestorage-01 published Michiel B. de Jong 6/9/13
hood.ie Tom Atkins 6/6/13
What are remotestorage.js /public/ requests? Marcin Ignac 6/7/13
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