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This is a mailing list about unhosted web apps. See http://unhosted.org/ for more resources.

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We also unorganize an unconference around unhosted web apps (yearly around 9 September, near Prague, CZ),
and #unhosted on freenode  is chat room about the same topic.

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remoteStorage.js 0.10.0-beta released Sebastian Kippe 4/4/14
interesting approach to encrypted javascript application Leen Besselink 3/26/14
Fwd: Separate web apps from their storage - Interview with Michiel de Jong - Unhosted Pierre Ozoux 3/26/14
Sharestuff app, in meat space Hugo Roy 3/21/14
backbone409 maxi gas 3/20/14
Local.js framework Paul Frazee 3/17/14
Blog series: on a social Web-plugins architecture. Paul Frazee 3/10/14
Mozilla drops Persona/browser id? Hugo Roy 3/10/14
Get Paid to Write Unhosted Apps Sean McGregor 3/6/14
LXJS conference Pierre Ozoux 3/2/14
The server issue KiaKanpa 2/26/14
remoteStorage localhost server KiaKanpa 2/26/14
[ANN] reStore 0.2.0 James Coglan 2/22/14
FreeDOM paper seems super relevant to unhosted Benny Benny 2/14/14
host and update your own website using remoteStorage (and tweet out the updates through sockethub) Michiel de Jong 2/14/14
Hackathon result: Bring Your Own Chat Daniel Roesler 2/14/14
remoteStorage quarterly meeting starting in 45 minutes anyt...@michielbdejong.com 2/12/14
the remotestorage-server npm module Michiel de Jong 2/9/14
unhosted web apps in 2014 (overview post with lots of links!) Michiel B. de Jong 1/30/14
remotestorage.js 0.9 released! Michiel B. de Jong 12/26/13
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