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This is a mailing list about unhosted web apps. See http://unhosted.org/ for more resources.

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We also unorganize an unconference around unhosted web apps (yearly around 9 September, near Prague, CZ),
and #unhosted on freenode  is chat room about the same topic.

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Getting started with remoteStorage phil jones 1/6/15
IndieHosters, hosting for freedom Pierre Ozoux 12/21/14
cloudwall.me – platform for local web apps J Ermouth 12/18/14
New version for draft-dejong-remotestorage-04.txt Michiel de Jong 12/15/14
offline decentralized single sign-on in the browser Michiel de Jong 12/14/14
Teleconf about draft-dejong-remotestorage-04 tomorrow Michiel de Jong 12/9/14
Shared push notifications Michiel de Jong 11/8/14
Dropbox add shared datastores and local datastores Michiel de Jong 9/30/14
What is RemoteStorage: Cloud Abstraction or Apps Data Taxonomy ? Carlos P 9/14/14
remotestorage.js 0.10.2 released Michiel de Jong 9/12/14
HTML book "unhosted web apps" launched Michiel de Jong 9/10/14
Episode 33: Client-side frontend development Michiel de Jong 9/1/14
13th september hackathon Pierre Ozoux 9/1/14
Episode 32: Client-side libraries for per-user backend Michiel de Jong 8/27/14
Episode 31: Per-user backend Michiel de Jong 8/19/14
Episode 30: Backend-as-a-Service Michiel de Jong 8/13/14
remotestorage.js 0.10.1 released Michiel de Jong 8/13/14
episode 29: Offline First Michiel de Jong 8/5/14
Decentralizing Mozilla Services, and integrating per-user sync more deeply into Firefox OS Michiel de Jong 8/1/14
unhosted app store: apps.unhosted.org Michiel de Jong 8/1/14
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