UN Global Pulse - HunchWorks Announcements

Welcome to the google group for announcements and information about participating in code-jams and design builds for HunchWorks (http://dev.unglobalpulse.gotpantheon.com /technology/hunchworks).

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Monday night codejams at UN Global Pulse, New York Sara Farmer 7/25/11
Global Pulse codejams on Monday nights, starting in New York Sara Farmer 7/15/11
Call to action and User created validation systems Chris Blumberg 7/12/11
Hunchworks build design decisions Chris Blumberg 6/10/11
Outputs from Challenge 2: Establishing trust & credibility Chris van der Walt 6/4/11
Outputs from Hunchworks Challenge 1: Connecting People Chris van der Walt 6/4/11
User skills Chris van der Walt 5/29/11
HunchWorks User Experience design Launch Chris van der Walt 5/20/11
Wire frames Hunch Labs Chris van der Walt 1/27/11
Calibrating Hunch Labs Chris van der Walt 1/2/11
Editing the UN Global Pulse wikisite Sara Farmer 1/1/11