This group is for discussion of development of the Umple model-oriented programming technology. All contributors to Umple should monitor this list. Discussions will focus on new features, bug fixes, and project management. Discussion can get very technical. Contributors who are not committers can post patches here. End-users of ample may be interested instead in the simple Umple news list ( Developers may also be interested in subscribing to umple-updates which is an automated list that receives every commit and issue update. The website for ample is

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Manual can now be accessed from docker images Timothy Lethbridge 6/19/18
Release of Umple 1.27.1 Timothy Lethbridge 4/6/18
Planning to do Umple 1.27.1 release Timothy Lethbridge 4/4/18
Full build of Umple will now build compiler using itself every time Timothy Lethbridge 3/21/18
Issue with build fixed Timothy Lethbridge 3/19/18
Latest Umple merge broken - don't submit PRS Timothy Lethbridge 3/19/18
[urgent] Can anybody review and merge my pull requests? bernardy328 3/19/18
cruise machine fixed - Umple pull requests can now be merged Timothy Lethbridge 2/27/18
Github security enhancement causing pain Timothy Lethbridge 2/24/18
Appveyor build failing due to Timothy Lethbridge 2/19/18
New regression testing in full build - Java for all examples compiled Timothy Lethbridge 2/15/18
Times when we should be cautious about merging PRs in Umple Timothy Lethbridge 2/14/18
Updates to en.error may impact work in progress Timothy Lethbridge 2/6/18
[Umple Dev] Local UmpleOnline server is inconsistent with local umple.jar bernardy328 2/5/18
Umple tag on Stack Overflow - please use Timothy Lethbridge 1/25/18
New release of Umple 1.27 Timothy Lethbridge 1/12/18
Release 1.27 of Umple planned for tomorrow Timothy Lethbridge 1/11/18
New group of UCOSP students Timothy Lethbridge 1/2/18
Umple release 1.26.1 is completed Timothy Lethbridge 11/25/17
Umple release pending Timothy Lethbridge 11/21/17
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