This group is for discussion of development of the Umple model-oriented programming technology. All contributors to Umple should monitor this list. Discussions will focus on new features, bug fixes, and project management. Discussion can get very technical. Contributors who are not committers can post patches here. End-users of ample may be interested instead in the simple Umple news list ( Developers may also be interested in subscribing to umple-updates which is an automated list that receives every commit and issue update. The website for ample is

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Code Generation Tutorial with EGL Andrew Forward 6/5/15
Cruise downtime might not occur as expected Timothy Lethbridge 4/29/15
Server outage this weekend affecting Models Conference and UmpleOnline Timothy Lethbridge 4/29/15
New state machine tabular features Timothy Lethbridge 4/25/15
"cURL"-able url for Umple builds Kevin Brightwell 4/11/15
New umple examples repository (final URL TDB, temporary URL Andrew Forward 4/8/15
Fwd: An Umple researcher that is looking for more details on your "State Machine Flattening, a Mapping Study and Tools Assessment" paper Andrew Forward 4/7/15
Fwd: Scholar Alert - New citations to my articles Omar 4/7/15
Re: The affect of Model driven tools (Umple& EMF) in OSS - Poster Review Omar 4/6/15
SCXMLImportHandler problem Opeyemi Adesina 3/31/15
Java State machines: State enum privacy Kevin Brightwell 3/24/15
Broke the build, working on it Andrew Forward 3/22/15
JET Templates Kevin Brightwell 3/20/15
[Umple Dev] Pushed a patch for #686, umplificator scoring script mgarz042 3/19/15
Re: Google code announcement Timothy Lethbridge 3/12/15
Working on a filter feature within Umple (by Vivian Kou) Andrew Forward 3/4/15
development setup for umple lalit.azad 3/4/15
Build is broken mgarz042 3/4/15
Auto transitions added to SCXML generated output Andrew Forward 3/4/15
UmpleModel and Subdirectories -- Issue compiling Kevin Brightwell 3/3/15
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