This group is for discussion of development of the Umple model-oriented programming technology. All contributors to Umple should monitor this list. Discussions will focus on new features, bug fixes, and project management. Discussion can get very technical. Contributors who are not committers can post patches here. End-users of ample may be interested instead in the simple Umple news list ( Developers may also be interested in subscribing to umple-updates which is an automated list that receives every commit and issue update. The website for ample is

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New release of Umple 1.27 Timothy Lethbridge 1/12/18
Release 1.27 of Umple planned for tomorrow Timothy Lethbridge 1/11/18
New group of UCOSP students Timothy Lethbridge 1/2/18
Umple release 1.26.1 is completed Timothy Lethbridge 11/25/17
Umple release pending Timothy Lethbridge 11/21/17
Umpleonline with Docker now has persistence and local-machine editing. Timothy Lethbridge 10/20/17
UmpleOnline heavy loading - and Docker availability Timothy Lethbridge 10/18/17
UmpleOnline running at a page of 50,000 commands per day! Timothy Lethbridge 10/16/17
Who created the umple Docker account in 2015? Timothy Lethbridge 10/8/17
Race condition issue with Umpleonline is fixed Timothy Lethbridge 9/20/17
bug (Umple Online) Gunter Mussbacher 9/20/17
Strange cosmetic issue in generated C++ Finn Hackett 9/13/17
Umple Release coming Timothy Lethbridge 9/7/17
To Umple developers and users - faster UmpleOnline Step 1 Timothy Lethbridge 8/16/17
New release of Umple - 1.26 Timothy Lethbridge 5/25/17
Releasing Umple Timothy Lethbridge 5/24/17
Re: Umple Bug For PHP Timothy Lethbridge 4/5/17
Release notice, and I will be away Timothy Lethbridge 2/16/17
Issue 831 continues to cause intermittent build failures Timothy Lethbridge 2/2/17
Re: [Fwd: UmpleOnlineLocal setup issues] (fwd) Timothy Lethbridge 1/11/17
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