This group is for discussion of development of the Umple model-oriented programming technology. All contributors to Umple should monitor this list. Discussions will focus on new features, bug fixes, and project management. Discussion can get very technical. Contributors who are not committers can post patches here. End-users of ample may be interested instead in the simple Umple news list ( Developers may also be interested in subscribing to umple-updates which is an automated list that receives every commit and issue update. The website for ample is

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Umple Developer Set Up (fwd) Timothy Lethbridge 12:14 PM
Umple build now passing again on Travis Timothy Lethbridge 2/9/16
Development Environment Setup Issues Jorge Felix Caudillo 2/9/16
Challenging day for Umple but things stable - new template ability Timothy Lethbridge 2/7/16
Test files left lying around in the build directory Timothy Lethbridge 1/24/16
New release of Umple 1.23.0 Timothy Lethbridge 12/21/15
Plans for release 1.23 of Umple Timothy Lethbridge 12/11/15
Problem - Updating local Umpleonline Opeyemi Adesina 12/8/15
Cruise Control build process fixed - first-build needed Timothy Lethbridge 12/4/15
Re: UCOSP: Umple Issue 601 (fwd) Timothy Lethbridge 11/20/15
Tests crashing because of multiple versions of ant - UCOSP aymen.ben.rkhis 11/17/15
Server Failure Opeyemi Adesina 11/9/15
Hover redirection fundamentally changed - broke our stuff Timothy Lethbridge 11/1/15
Server Failure Opeyemi Adesina 10/21/15
Build status is OK (mostly) Timothy Lethbridge 10/14/15
Variable dist.umple.jar is not set Timothy Lethbridge 10/13/15
Urgent - Build broken DO NOT PULL Timothy Lethbridge 10/13/15
Umpleonline under intense use Timothy Lethbridge 10/10/15
Re: [umple] Download links on the 'Umple Tools' userdoc page are out of date (#604) Timothy Lethbridge 10/10/15
Temporarily cc machine not working Timothy Lethbridge 10/5/15
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