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Welcome to the forum - a place to discuss all things related to cheap Software Defined Radio, with focus on using RTL2832U-based DVB-T USB dongles on Linux with GNU Radio, and on Windows with HDSDR.

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BorIP server + HDSDR on Linux/OS X Balint Seeber 1/2/14
Video demo: receiving HF with transverter Balint Seeber 11/3/13
Sensitivity on VLF and ELF? Lasse radio 9/27/15
Free web hosting joshua keter 9/22/15
ACARS Reception Priyasloka Arya 9/10/15
Cheap SDR dongle on Hacker News Peter Mora 7/26/15
cable adapter setup David Lessard 7/17/15
why would be sound be garbled on 122.800 aircraft frequency? David Lessard 7/12/15
Help Locate the bug code of "rtl_tcp + sdr# = buzzing" yu kknd 7/8/15
empty result rtl_test Dmitry Plakhotnik 7/7/15
Usb Dongle Sdr Rtl2832U neil sams 7/5/15
Ucb Dongle Rtl2832U neil sams 7/5/15
Usb Dongle Rtl2832U neil sams 7/5/15
HDSDR and SDRplay RSP Jon Hudson 7/1/15
Bare Metal - Low Level interfacing with RTL2832U based SDR Dongles murattol 6/29/15
AW: [ultra-cheap-sdr] Hyperion Essbase Developer/Administrator / Newark, NJ DG9BFC Sigi 6/16/15
Multimode updates? Paul A. Steckler 6/13/15
Android (maybe OT but I hope you can help) Ottavio Caruso 6/13/15
DVB-T2 radio service reception. BenRavin 6/13/15
Re: [ultra-cheap-sdr] Jr. Front End Web Designer position at Atlanta, GA. Colorado Rob 6/3/15
FC0013 with gr-air-modes Strength 5 6/3/15
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