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Welcome to the forum - a place to discuss all things related to cheap Software Defined Radio, with focus on using RTL2832U-based DVB-T USB dongles on Linux with GNU Radio, and on Windows with HDSDR.

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BorIP server + HDSDR on Linux/OS X Balint Seeber 1/2/14
Video demo: receiving HF with transverter Balint Seeber 11/3/13
Device not responding to set address Wafa Elhajhmida 12:45 AM
Introducing the Hermes-Lite Steve Haynal 4/19/14
how connect an USRP E110 to the PC Wafa Elhajhmida 4/17/14
RTL SDR scanner scan plot ashok shankar das 4/10/14
gruel missing in gnuradio Wafa Elhajhmida 4/10/14
HDSDR OSX Bundle: latest 2.51 release is out alaindecarolis 4/8/14
How to connect this Active Antenna Loop and 100MHz Upconverter? Harold Chan 4/3/14
SDR# on Linux Jeff Zacher 3/30/14
Buying cheap games from a trusted site! Petar Ivanov 3/28/14
Weird disturbance charan k.v 3/21/14
Ezcap and SDR#... lost in static Govind Mukundan 3/18/14
How the hell can I do a VHF antenna with these elements? autorun 3/17/14
need some help with GR-baz OP25 richard kellogg 3/16/14
Airprobe ./rtl_sdr /tmp/rtl_sdr_capture.bin Not Sound Alex Shark 3/13/14
Debain - Failed to submit transfer odio...@gmail.com 3/11/14
SDR Touch Priyasloka Arya 3/2/14
Is there any cheap upvertor built-in RTL-SDR dongle for sales? Harold Chan 3/1/14
Fitipower FC0013 - Tuning range - 50MHz to 1700MHz David Lolling 2/27/14
New DXpatrol wide band SDR CT1FFU 2/21/14
RTL-SDR/USB is either not connected or its driver is not working properly J Stucka 2/20/14
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