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Fwd: Delta Bot Meeting Notes Jeff 2/10/16
Will be at the lab tonight steelcutter 1/19/16
Gaming convention at Rice next month Jason Kirk 1/14/16
Guess what this is steelcutter 1/11/16
Newegg sale on dual-head 3D printer Jeff 1/11/16
Printer free to good home steelcutter 12/24/15
Computer Aided Mathematics Jeff 12/17/15
Buying meat in bulk Jason Kirk 12/12/15
Lab Update for December Roland von Kurnatowski III 12/8/15
Air Bearing Spindles (and a random huge ball valve) for Sale Jamie Berry 12/4/15
flashforge creator pro steelcutter 11/28/15
Hours Today Roland von Kurnatowski III 11/27/15
Delta tonight steelcutter 11/17/15
Opinions on a prusa mendel 3D printer kit Jason Kirk 11/16/15
SITE Houston opening reception Nov. 6th, 6-11pm lina dib 11/14/15
looking to connect w/ houston creative coders / workspaces, etc Zach Lieberman 11/1/15
Help TX/RX get donations! Roland von Kurnatowski III 11/1/15
Fwd: Fw: Halloween Spooktacular! This Saturday October 31st! cborn 10/29/15
Fw: [tinkering] Old Lathe looking for a good home cborn 10/29/15
Robot Remix - Oct 24th Andrew Lynch 10/23/15
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