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Open Twin Cities fosters an inclusive community of civic collaboration and champions open government and civic technology for positive social impact. We're a Code for America Brigade partnered with E-Democracy.

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Job Postings Michael Graif 3/3/15
Introductions wbushey 7/17/14
And the Pulitzer goes to... a computer Bill Bushey 7/2/15
using angularjs for better ux for project table on open twin cities website Aditya Joshi 6/25/15
Fwd: Announcing the Code for America Technology Awards Bill Bushey 6/25/15
Fwd: [CivicAccess-discuss] opening up information & referral data Steven Clift 6/25/15
Knight Green Line Challenge - Deadline July 10th Bill Bushey 6/25/15
Using Angular Js to search project table with keywords in the open twin city web site Aditya Joshi 6/24/15
Twin Cities Drupal Camp - 2015 Tim Erickson 6/22/15
What are we going to ask presidential candidates about open gov in Iowa and NH? Steven Clift 6/19/15
Map where storm sewers drain? Fwd: [Mpls-StanEric] Lake Hiawatha (check your curbs) Steven Clift 6/15/15
Anyone know if Minneapolis police will participate in White House open data effort? Steven Clift 6/10/15
Why not MN? Fwd: Sunlight: Ohio boosts local financial transparency with online checkbook Steven Clift 6/10/15
FOI Request Sites - Fwd: mySociety: Learnings from AlaveteliCon (2): the challenges are the same Steven Clift 6/8/15
Fwd: [New post] Hackathon in Willmar September 18-20 MaryATreacy 6/8/15
How about a Minnesota Open Data Week? Steven Clift 6/5/15
Public Record Media to hold free data practices workshop wbushey 6/1/15
Star Tribune looking for a digital designer MaryJo 6/1/15
Geo:Code to be highlighted at this Tuesday's Hennepin County Board Meeting wbushey 5/29/15
CycleHack June 19 + 20 Alan Palazzolo 5/29/15
FW: New Deloitte report using geospatial analysis on transit Bill Bushey 5/28/15
Introducing our new JavaScript SDK and the National Day of Civic Hacking Ryan S Dolan (CENSUS/CG FED) 5/28/15
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