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Open Twin Cities fosters an inclusive community of civic collaboration and champions open government and civic technology for positive social impact. We're a Code for America Brigade partnered with E-Democracy.

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Introductions wbushey 7/26/17
Job Postings Michael Graif 1/23/17
Fwd: [SPIF] Improvements Needed for the Saint Paul Open Information Program Steven Clift 7/24/17
What's App civic tech group Steven Clift 7/21/17
#PDF17 Watch Live - June 8-9 from NYC Steven Clift 6/8/17
Looking for data/maps on downtown Saint Paul (could apply to any MN city) Steven Clift 6/1/17
Discussion on accessing government environmental records wbushey 5/7/17
Where's the data to explain differences in MN vs. WI state budgets? Steven Clift 4/20/17
Summer Volunteering Opportunity abdijabar mohamed 4/2/17
The Issues That Drive America’s Mayors Steven Clift 3/21/17
FYI New "Open Government" tab on City of Minneapolis web site wbushey 3/16/17
Facebook Live: MN Broadband Day at Capitol Steven Clift 3/15/17
Twin Cities losing % share of digital jobs to other metros Steven Clift 3/14/17
How long should MN government retain email? MinnPost article Steven Clift 3/12/17
New Start-Up Uses Augmented Reality to Create Immersive 3D Globe Nancy Herther 3/4/17
2017 Minnesota Finnegan Freedom of Information Award ceremony on 3/16 at noon wbushey 3/4/17
Fwd: MinneBar 12: Your Turn to Host Steven Clift 2/27/17
Do you work with government websites/digital government? Steven Clift 2/15/17
48 in 48 - Use your professional skills to help 48 nonprofits in 48 hours Steven Clift 2/15/17
Minnesota: Geo:Code 2017 is coming soon! Steven Clift 2/15/17
Data Rescue Event at U of M - February 24-25, 2017 Alison Link 2/14/17
Stephen Wolfram Launching Wolfram|Alpha Open Code Nancy Herther 1/20/17
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