This group is for discussions about Tunnelblick, a free, ready-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

There is a separate, low-volume (infrequent mailings) Tunnelblick-Announce group which receives announcements of new releases and other news.

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Cannot launch Tunnelblick from the Spotlight vkor...@4tifier.com 6/4/16
Can I kill or restart without rebooting Larry Martell 6/1/16
Making TCP Connection impossible Diana 6/1/16
Experimenting with "Set nameserver" options earl...@yahoo.ca 5/15/16
upgrade to TB 3.6.3 --> problem: infinite reconnects eric.van...@netboosters.nl 5/14/16
ERROR: Tunnelblick could not be configured to automatically launch itself after you log in. Martin Veasey 5/13/16
Not sure what changed but suddenly if I'm connected to my VPN using Tunnelblick, my internet dies. Max Farrar 5/12/16
Configuration MPN GBR is not secure. It should be reinstalled.. Jane Flanagan 5/10/16
Reset the primary interface not working Cameron 5/9/16
Internet and dns lookups stop working Gesias 5/2/16
Set nameserver (alternate 1) causes write to TUN/TAP : Input/output error (code=5) ch...@christopher-shaw.com 4/29/16
Window Open on Login rsim...@gmail.com 4/29/16
Unable to connect to multiple VPNs at the same time with new update jsch...@origamirisk.com 4/26/16
FeatReq: Allow empty username/password when user-auth-pass configured Petiepooo 4/26/16
Tunnelblick could not find a 'tun' or 'tap' option in the OpenVPN configuration file Octapon 4/25/16
Having connections angry...@gmail.com 4/25/16
Lots of Feature Requests! barmarama 4/24/16
double click .ovpn file, nothing happens amrit phull 4/24/16
Configuration file does not install 07083...@euromail.se 4/24/16
Problem with kext with Tunnelblick 3.6 on OSX 10.6.8 jipo...@gmail.com 4/22/16
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