This group is for discussions about Tunnelblick, a free, ready-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

There is a separate, low-volume (infrequent mailings) Tunnelblick-Announce group which receives announcements of new releases and other news.

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Tunnelblick could not find a 'tun' or 'tap option in the OpenVPN configuration file razorb...@gmail.com 5/27/17
Two Factor (2FA) Connections Vincent C 5/26/17
connected.sh or other scripts... sal...@live.de 5/21/17
How to stop main menu (VPN details...) from appearing at bootup John Smith 5/19/17
Feature request: Select Named Credentials in Username/Password dialog Josh Hanson 5/19/17
DNS Problem on MAC OS for 5 different PC Prologas 5/18/17
Getting error "Your system clock may not be set correctly" Ismael 5/18/17
"Distribute Tunnelblick" method fails to install the configuration on Sierra Kit Tong Cheong 5/11/17
Tunnelblick crash on launch, fatal signal 10 drew G 5/8/17
help me please.. can't connect to my vpn server properly mnjihw 4/28/17
Someone have mercy on a poor old gray-haired college professor... david smith 4/27/17
NepTunes Last.fm application unable to scrobble Liam O'Donnell 4/24/17
Mac Scripts Kenneth Jenney 4/21/17
Tunnelblick OpenVpn Custom Header Chris Gachibi 4/18/17
VPN Configuration Installation Error Martyn Keen 4/14/17
This computer's apparent public IP address was not different after connecting to client1. Rocket 4/12/17
DNS problem and fix Kenn Herman 4/10/17
How do I find out the password? John Ng 4/10/17
allowed 5 minutes to connect. the error is Budhha Backwords 4/10/17
Tunnelblick doesn't understand 'push "redirect-gateway ipv6"', leaks DNS Jen H 4/7/17
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