This group is for discussions about Tunnelblick, a free, ready-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

There is a separate, low-volume (infrequent mailings) Tunnelblick-Announce group which receives announcements of new releases and other news.

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TunnelBlick fails to reconnect. Get "Cannot resolve host address" PaulT 5/8/15
Mac OS X Yosemite - Classic "connected but no internet" issue morgan....@gmail.com 5/8/15
Getting Tunnelblick to use two DNS's from two private networks simultaneously Daniel Butterfield 5/7/15
Installation / First Start Error strobe33333 5/4/15
My VPN works everywhere except inside my apartment! Why? How can I fix it? Abu Dhabi 5/3/15
Re: [tunnelblick-discuss] Could not start OpenVPN (openvpnstart returned with status #226) unk...@googlegroups.com 5/1/15
Why is no data being downloaded or uploaded? What am I doing wrong? Abu Dhabi 5/1/15
Public IP Changes (And I don`t want that ^^) dr...@thedragonworld.com 4/28/15
Lost Tunnelblick cofigurations. Teun Hilte 4/28/15
Tunnelblick as a VPN server – need help determining if I have set things up correctly staraf...@gmail.com 4/28/15
Also installing vpnc... bt.jo...@gmail.com 4/28/15
Tunnelblick icon show is trying to connect when the VPN is connected actually. hmolina 4/28/15
Mac Yosemite: menu icon issues on multiple screens when changing screen focus Jonathan Winters 4/27/15
Double clicking on a *.tblk configuration file does not add VPN information saco...@gmail.com 4/27/15
Comment effacer un app Tunnelblick endommagé Alexandro Guitton 4/27/15
Tunnelblick doesn't open when double-clicked bge...@gmail.com 4/26/15
Unable to Build R3300 Daniel Chan 4/26/15
OpenVPN in Tunnelblick Modifiable? Daniel Chan 4/24/15
Tunnelblick 3.5.0 (build 4265) keeps disconnecting........ Anni Max 4/24/15
With Tunnelblick running and connected to my VPN, OS X's System Preferences > Network reports that the VPN is disconnected. alxfyvmuc...@gmail.com 4/23/15
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